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Using XML as the interface moving information back and forth between computers is very easy. Microsoft Access 2007 recognizes XML files provided they have the structure expected by the software.
The best part of this whole process of using XML files is that they can be used with many applications running on many different operating systems.
Here we will go through a series of simple set of steps that would enable one to import data into Microsoft Access 2007 data base.
Create a blank data base lets say ImportTest and then start the import process.
Step 1:
Click on External Data ribbon, go to the "Import" section and click on XML file option.
Step 2:
Use the browse option to go to the location where the XML file is located from which data needs to be imported. Click Open and then OK.
Step 3:
Access will scan through the file and display the structure of the table to be created. The Import Options includes the following options, namely Structure Only / Structure & Data / Append data to existing table. In our process we will choose the option of both structure and data.
Step 4:
If you plan to import the same file agian in the future then you can check the box "Save Import Steps".
Now you can double click on the table that is created and would be able to see the structure and the data in it i.e. imported from the XML file..

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