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When we add a customized checkbox column to a datagrid in .net (windows application) , the default property allows to check or uncheck the column using a double click. On the first click it selects the column and on the second click the column is either checked or unchecked.
To change this default property, we need to handle the click event on grid and modify the selected cell value. Here is the sample code to achieve this.
[C#.NET VS 2003 , Code to add checkbox column to grid using table style property]
dgItemDetails.TableStyles.Clear(); // clears the tablestyle (dgItemDetails is the name of grid)
DataGridTableStyle dgt = new DataGridTableStyle();
dgt.MappingName = "ItemDetails";
DataGridBoolColumn dgbCol = new DataGridBoolColumn(); // creates the checkbox column
dgbCol.MappingName = "Select";
dgbCol.HeaderText = "";
dgbCol.Width = 40;
dgbCol.AllowNull = false;
dgbCol.Alignment = HorizontalAlignment.Left;
dgItemDetails.TableStyles.Add(dgt); // add new tablestyle to grid
[C#.NET Code Ends]
[C#.NET VS 2003 , Code Check \ uncheck 1st column on single click]

private void dgItemDetails_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
  if(dgItemDetails.CurrentCell.ColumnNumber ==0) // check for the column number of current cell
   if(dgItemDetails[dgItemDetails.CurrentCell].ToString()=="False") // if value is false check it
    dgItemDetails[dgItemDetails.CurrentCell]=false; // otherwise uncheck it
[C#.NET Code Ends]

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