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Adding new product and coping the custom options to it.

While creating products for different types of stores, it sometime happens that we need some custom options/attributes which we need to create and after adding this custom option its become very hectic to add these custom option to all products one by one in Magento.
For examples lets assume your store has some 10000 records and you need some new attributes for the products so you create the custom attributes option but adding the same custom option to each product one by one will consume your lot of time.
In that case you require a extension which will just copy the custom options to your previously present records to the new products at time. And follow the steps how to implement that in your Magento backend:
    Create a new product in the admin panel at.
            Catalog → Manage Products → Add Product.



   In the new product add the minimum required fields for a product to create details like name, code, description, price, weight etc.

    Now in the Inventory tab fill the quantity tab and make the stock Availability to 'in stock'.


    In the Categories tab select the tab under which you want to make it visible.

     Now your product is ready to add the custom options go to your new product/s. In the 'Action' drop-down which is there at right top corner choose the 'Copy Custom Options' and on select it will create a div at the top and show a field to add 'Source Product Id' where you can give the 'ID' of a product whose custom options you want to show in your product. And then check at its checkbox option of your own created product and click submit.


   Finally you can check your product at the frontend under the category you mentioned.


You can download  Magento extension from the following link:

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