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In SharePoint, custom views are used to display the items in a list/libraries with custom look and feel.Therefore you have to choose a view format like Standard View, Calendar View, Datasheet View or Gantt View  and accordingly you can customize the display style by choosing Filter condition, Sort method, Group By condition  etc. SharePoint allows us to create custom views for the list and libraries. But for the Survey type list, SharePoint documentation doesn't mention anything about creating a custom view.

Below mentioned steps are can be adapted to create a custom view for Survey List.

  1. Open a SharePoint Site......Open the Survey List. 
  2. Find the ListID from the URL like
  3. Now change the URL in the browser as 
    http : //SiteName:PortNo/_layouts/ViewType.aspx?
  4. List=%7BF2141E9F%2D8EA2%2D42EE%2DA965%2D52F1D7362066%7D
  5. Then choose a view format for the survey list.
  6. Type a custom View Name.
  7. In the same page open the style tab, choose a style for this view e.g Basic Table (Don't set the style as Default).
  8. Then press OK to create the view.
Edit the Custom View
  1. Open the Survey List
  2. Go to Site Action....Click on Edit page....Click on Modify Shared Web Part
  3. Now click on Edit the current view
  4. It will open the view .Modify the view & save it.

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Author: Samarendra Swain

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