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How To Merge Different FileMaker Files to one file:

You may already know that merging FileMaker Pro database files can be difficult and challenging process because after copying, you could spend hours for fixing broken links, missing fields, script missing in buttons, etc. In a sequence not to see field missing, relation-ship missing, script missing, layout missing etc here below are the sequence if you will follow then I am sure you will not see those missing missing things after you copied all steps. Please follow below steps in sequential order.


1. In Manage Database section:

  • Bring all tables to destination file from your old file, just copy from old file and paste it in destination file manage database section.

  • Now you have to build all relation-ships those are in relationship graph in old file to destination file. Copy paste relationship occurrence is not there so create one by one with exact name(you can only copy paste the relation ship name but you have to map relation-ship from which table to which). This is the maximum time taking part while you will do merge FileMaker files but once you are correct in this process no problem will occur in future while designing value lists/scripts/layouts because no missing will show in script or layout because it will map the same name in relationship graph.

  • Then again check the calculated and auto-enter calculation fields for the new table's you have added. This is for if there any calculation lines are comment-out

    /* */ and that is because that calculation is using the new relationships, so just remove the /* */ from there, you can also cross check the old file for that field's calculation, for whether that calculation is actually in side /* */ in old file or not.


2. In Custom function:

Copy any necessary custom functions to the destination file from older file i.e import the custom functions in destination file from older file by pressing "Import" button in custom function section.


3. In Value list section:

Simply copy paste the value list names one by one from old file to destination file. Here there is no import value list option, so you have do copy paste value list name. Then create relational value list same as in old file and for custom value list you can copy paste custom values in destination file.

Note : Here we can save our time from opening the older file again and again and copy paste the names in destination file one by one, you can do open old file copy paste all value list names one by one in notepad then paste value list names in destination file in same oder.


4. In Layout Section:

Copy paste layout names in sequential order from old file to destination file, with correct layout based on table. Now create only blank layouts with no layout objects.


5. In Script Section:

In old file Manage Script section select all script names then do CTRL+C and in destination file do CTRL+V, now you can see all scripts are there in destination file.

6. Copy Layout Objects and Recreate Layout-Based Script Triggers:

Now open the Manage Layout window in both files and position them side-by-side.

For each layout, you will do the following:

  • Open the old file go to the layout then first note down in your memory or in paper that what are the parts available with its hight i.e the part size.

  • Then open the destination file with the same layout name you have created in above "In Layout Section" step. Add and adjust all the layout parts in each layout to match the old file. Using the Inspector, you’ll want to make sure the header, body, footer, etc. are all the exact same size: to the pixel. And create the necessary sub-summary parts to match those in the source file.

  • Now then open the old file again and do CTRL+A+C and open destination file and do CTRL+V.

  • Now open the old file and then open the Layout Setup dialog and check the Script Triggers tab. If there are any defined, add them to the destination file as well with parameters.

    Note: Script triggers attached to layout object you have to do nothing because it will come automatically because you have copied and pasted all objects/buttons/script triggers.


Save you changes then what next? You are done. Now you can see all tables/ all fields/ all relationships/ all custom functions/ all value lists/ all scripts/ all layouts are there in destination file no missing will occur if you will follow the correct sequential order.


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Author: Elishree Dey


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