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In File Maker, copying and pasting scripts are not quite easy as scripts never behave like texts, that can be copied and pasted in  Filemaker script editor. If there are some modifications in some of the scripts in a file, then it is not needed to copy and replace the whole  file in the client's live application, Modification should be done for that particular script. It happens that if some logic or new  functionality is required to be implemented, then there is a need to create the scripts at the developer's end and QAing will done for that new modification, then that script again needs to be written in the Client's live application. Because of live data, the script written in the client's end can not be checked. As the script is written directly and not tested then that script may have some defects. Those defects will appear at the time of work for that functionality in live, which is a big problem. To prevent this kind of situation, "Import Script" option can be used.
By using import script, a script can be imported to any other system which are in network, Then script steps can be copied and pasted in  the existing script at the client end.
What needs to be done ?
  • Need to host the application file from where the script can be imported to any other
  • Need to open the filemaker file in which script needs to be imported..
  • Click on Scripts option,   Click on Manage Scripts. All these should be done for the particular file where the scripts need to be imported.
  • Click on Import button  (Alt+I).
  • Choose the file form where Script needs to be imported.
  • Choose the script, Need to check the check box at the right of the script.
  • Click on OK.

It will import the script.
Open the imported script, Copy all the script steps, Paste those scripts all the steps if the script is already existing then you need to rename  that script, because after import of the same script after some modification, application will refer to the newly imported script.

For Remote - Client End.
Need to host the filemaker file in a server from where the file can be accessible in client end.
Need to give Network file path and the file name. like - fmnet:/
The filemaker application from where the script will be imported, that application should be enabled for Network Sharing.
To enable network sharing - Go to File - Sharing - Filemaker Network, Click on the radio button for ON to active network sharing for the 

After importing of the script and pasting the script steps, it is necessary to check once for the relations of the tables.The source table and the target table for all the relationships should be present.

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