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A lint tool is provided as part of ADT ver 16 and can be used to detect following issues.
1) Missing and unused translations
2) problems related to layout (ex duplicate ids, unsupported parameters)
3) finds unused resources which are not referenced in the project.
4) Icon problems like missing densities, duplicate icons, wrong sizes, etc
5) Usability problems (like not specifying an input type on a text field)
6) Manifest errors.
The tool can be run from command line and from eclipse IDE using ADT. Using eclipse , it can be used to jump directly to the problem source from lint view (similar to console while debugging).
This feature helps in easy fixing of many hidden bugs.
When run from command line the tool can be used generate HTML reports.
$ lint --html /tmp/report.html --url /src/MyProj=http://buildserver/src/MyProj
lint --help        lists various options for
To get the lint tool, update the ADT from eclipse -->software updates.
For more details refer to this link.

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