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Normally, Users/Developers do screensharing via skype or some third party screen sharing tools. Now, lets see how to share your SSH screen with multiple users. Mostly i will get into the screen, which is started, but very recently i had a chance to start a screen session to add some users into the SSH session. Let us see the procedure of how to start a screen.

Starting a screen session:
    1) One needs to be a root user (admin) to start or install a screen
    2) Change the permission and allow the users to get added in,
        Type chmod u+s /usr/bin/screen
         - The main use of this mode of permission, allows a user to run a executable file of the specific owner who is launching the screen.
    3) chmod 755 /var/run/screen
        - This will change the access permission of the screen mode

    4) logout from ssh as a root user
    5) Type the command "Screen" to start the new screen
    6) Press ctrl+a and the type ':multiuser on'  // This allows you to chnage the screen mode from single user to multi user
    7) Press  ctrl+a and ':acl name' // Ex: :acladd sathees - This will add the user sathees into the screen

Now the other user should join into the screen, so that both can work in the same terminal
Joining a launched screen
    Type screen -x name_of_screen_session
Testing how users joined your screen

    type # hello joined
    if they can type in the same screen, say #yes, then now both the users can work on same terminal or one can see others work.
Getting out of screen
    Type ctrl+a followed by D
It will be really interesting to know, if one can work in your ssh terminal and other can see/work with the user. I found it interesing, hope it helps for those who start with linux :)

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