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The following code snippet would allow one to write text to a file in VB 6.0. This can help if some one wants to log any kind of information to a log file.

The function basically accepts 3 parameters
1. The text/content of the line that needs to be written.
2. The path name where the file is existing / is to be created eventually.
3. The name of the file.
Private Function WriteToFile(strLineToWrite As String, _
                                     strPathName As String, _
                                     strFileName As String) As Boolean
    Dim FileN As Integer
    Dim FileExists As String
    Dim DirExists As String
    FileN= FreeFile
'--Check for the directory existance
    DirExists = Dir(strPathName, vbDirectory)
    If DirExists = "" Then
        MkDir (strPathName)
    End If
    FileExists = Dir(strPathName & "\" & strFileName, vbNormal)
'--Check for the file existance
'--If it's not there create it and write the line of text into it
    If FileExists = "" Then
         Open strPathName & "\" & strFileName For Output As FileN
            Print #FileN, strLineToWrite
        Close FileN
'--If it is there then append data to end of file
        Open strPathName & "\" & strFileName For Append As FileN
            Print #FileN, strLineToWrite
        Close FileN
    End If
    WriteToFile= True
End Function

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Author: Ansuman Sahu

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