Buy Generic Stromectol: A Guide to Cheap Evermectin Online

On average, the prices for Stromectol medicine in these pharmacies are lower than in traditional drugstores because they receive meds directly from manufacturers, without agents, and they don’t need to pay the rent for the store like any other pharmacy. In addition, these stores provide various promotions so you can order Ivermectin with an additional discount.

Med Index Pharmacy
Address: 1639 E Big Beaver Rd Suite 101, Troy, MI 48083, United States | Phone: (248) 528-0888 | Website:

One star is the lowest available rating. NEVER answer the phone, so I’ve had to go down in person to buy Stromectol, and they always say we never got it online. I know this to be false firsthand. I could go on, but they won’t. Just gonna switch pharmacies because it will be worth the extra travel just to have a better service.

The staff at Med Index Pharmacy are the friendliest, sweetest people ever!!! They care about their customers and always offer to order Ivermectin online! Their service is fast, and I’ve never had a bad experience here or even slightly negative at all! It’s always great!! Thanks, ladies always being so amazing!

University Compounding Pharmacy
Address: 6054 Livernois Rd, Troy, MI 48098, United States | Phone: (248) 267-5002 | Website:

I recently visited University Compounding Pharmacy and was extremely impressed with the professionalism and friendliness of the staff. The entire process went smoothly, and they were very well prepared to handle this important task. You could tell by the people who came to the clinic that they truly had a great relationship with everyone and felt confident about the services they provided. Great people, great service, affordable Ivermectin for sale!

Friendly and very helpful staff. The store is clean and easy to shop for. I wish I could give them another star ever since they went drive-thru only. They are swamped with extra traffic that keeps them at work beyond regular hours. They are an awesome bunch who put up with a lot of us.

Wellness Pharmacy Troy
Address: 215 E Big Beaver Rd Suite 500, Troy, MI 48083, United States | Phone: (248) 817-6770 | Website:

The store opens up at 7:00 am. Dropped off FedEx overnight package and timestamp received says 7:03 am, Wednesday. Why is my package still there and it’s FRIDAY?! What makes matters worse is when I called FedEx, the representative said HOPE has a reputation for losing packages. So WHY is FedEx still doing business with HOPE?! Besides my frustration with having my package delivered, most of their pharmacy staff are rude. I think I will try going to CVS instead.

I needed a compound of Acetylcysteine for a nebulizer. I couldn’t find it at any pharmacy but was able to get it here! The staff was so helpful and was even able to find me a good price. Very friendly. I will definitely be coming here again and would highly recommend this Wellness Pharmacy Troy to get Stomectol for sale.

CVS Pharmacy
Address: 1301 Coolidge Hwy, Troy, MI 48084, United States | Phone: (248) 614-2801 | Website:

I appreciate the way the people working at this pharmacy treat me. Nick deserves a positive shout-out for all he has done to go the extra mile 4 me to help. I value good customer service & with guys like him, I feel they truly care, which is so much better than my last pharmacy.

I moved to Memphis a year ago, and this CVS Pharmacy staff is very rude, and they need better training. You ask a question about Stromectol prices, and they get very nasty with you. I have been trying a get a refill for over a week, my doctor says they have sent it over several times!! But they claim to only have 2 Out of 3 prescriptions ready. They refuse to contact the doctor to try to get it done. The pharmacy has excellent customer service, and I’m sad I had to leave them. I’m going to switch to another store. DO NOT USE THIS LOCATION.