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Pharmacy Advantage
Address: 1191 E South Blvd, Rochester Hills, MI 48307, United States | Phone: (800) 456-2112 | Website:

I always liked the service at Pharmacy Advantage until they hired a new pharmacist. He was VERY rude and demeaning! I wonder how many pharmacies fired him before Jackson made the mistake of hiring him.

Wonderful!!! Wonderful!!!! These people are so helpful!! I had problems with my insurance company, and Jackson worked for weeks to help get it solved. Their compounds are life-changing for me. I don’t understand Jane Doe’s review. Compounds take a few days to make, so order them during the week. What is so hard about that? If they are charging you for 50 Modafinil pills, do you expect to get 100? Next time ask questions. Get your life in order, and don’t blame other people for your lack of common sense. And use your real name next time. Stand behind what you say.

BE Medical
Address: 1276 Rothwell Dr, Troy, MI 48084, United States | Phone: (586) 218-3238 | Website:

Other pharmacies treat you ok OR worse, rude and try to shake you down if you have a Schedule II prescription ( controlled ). Here, one of the ladies, her name I think was Cinnamon, treated me great, with a smile and positive, helpful attitude. I was surprised… Did not expect. The other 2 head Pharmacists were professional as well, but Cinnamon was exceptional in her role as a pharmacy tech. Thnx!

I absolutely love and appreciate this BE Medical. They’re always willing to answer a question or concern and go above and beyond for their customers. Not to mention they carry yummy food and cute merchandise inside of their store as well! Definitely a place worth purchasing Modafinil online.

Kroger Pharmacy
Address: 2051 18 Mile Rd, Sterling Heights, MI 48314, United States | Phone: (586) 930-0720 | Website:

Waited in line for drive-through pharmacy pick up, but after 20 minutes of waiting, I called inside, and they said they were helping the car in front with a billing issue! This is a drive-through which means fast service. Ask that person to come inside to handle their billing issue! You don’t need to be a genius to figure that one out, but apparently, the employees at Kroger Pharmacy do!!

This drugstore is amazing. Our dr calls in medications, and by the time we get to the store, it is ready. They also call the dr for refills without any hesitation. The store is handicapped-accessible and super friendly. They also provide best prices for Provigil. Keep up the excellent work!

Pharm AtoZ
Address: 35814 Dequindre Rd, Sterling Heights, MI 48310, United States | Phone: (586) 698-1874 | Website:

Pharm AtoZ is an absolutely the best pharmacy in Memphis. They know me by name and always have the medication ready when they say they will. Always friendly. Always accurate. If you have a question, they take the time to answer and make sure you understand, so there are no issues. Highly recommended!

I take back my positive review… this place is a nightmare. They forgot to send off my son’s blood samples. The blood samples went bad, and they want more now… what a joke. If they can’t simply hand over blood samples to the lab, I don’t trust them with anything else. If you can just avoid this place… also look around on the floor when you get there… there will be roaches.