Order Management System and Logistics Networking Application Integration

Executive Summary

Designed and Implemented RESTful services in PHP and ASP to allow for integration of two large legacy systems implemented as standalone systems. The ASP application is an order management system which allow for logistics companies to manage their purchase orders and track shipments for their customers.

The logistics application is a LAMP/PHP based application that allows for small to medium scale logistics providers to manage their contacts and shipments across the world. The PHP application also helps companies manage its employees and their activities. The logistics application provides a platform for logistics companies to network with other logistics companies around the globe and implements a restricted view for their clients lists.

The platform also allows for clients to search for other participating companies across the globe. We integrated the login between the two separate systems to allow for a single sign-on into the systems. Further, interfaces were implemented to ensure seamless data exchange between the systems to allow for data consistency across the two databases. We used JSON objects as medium for data exchange between the systems and implemented several social networking features including chat, messaging, comments, networking, etc. in the LAMP system.

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