Social Networking App: Opinion Posting on Global Trends and Issues

Executive Summary

Created a web 2.0 application for users which allows them to post opinions related to current trends and issues in the world and generate an opinion poll. Integrated with social networking platforms like Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn for sharing opinions. The primary objective is to change the way people communicate with themselves, media and the government. The site differentiates itself from the competition by having a rich HTML5/jQuery/JS based user interface. The application filters the opinions based on regions selected by the user. The application allows for viewing discussions and opinions in one’s home, neighbor, city, community, state and at the country level. The user interface is highly optimized with transparent movable glass interfaces to provide the user with a 3D type engaging look and feel.

We used the CodeIgniter Framework with MySQL for the development of the application. HTML5, jQuery/JavaScript was heavily used for the UI.

About our Client

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