Web Document Management System

Executive Summary

This application basically manages the documents of the companies and different departments of one company through web. The application is having two major section, System administrator and normal users. The Super administrator who actually manages the application and normal users can access all the documents assigned to they by the Super Administrator and depending on the various permission labels the different section of the document repository will be accessible.

Super Administrator can log into the application, can create/manage/edit/delete normal users profile and assign various permission labels through the features available. Super Admin can create/manage/edit/delete groups like, sales, marketing etc. The various groups can have different permissions to the documents directly or to the document root directory. Many normal users can be put under groups so that by assigning permission to the group only, the normal users can have the same group permissions inherited from groups.

The GUI is completely AJAX based, with tree view of folder structures with functionalities like create/manage/edit/delete folders and documents. And also the upload document is available through which Admin can upload the document for the groups and users. This is partially a database driven application where many features are managed by the data in database. The GUI and application layer interacts with each other through AJAX calls and application layer in turn calls the database layer.

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