Mindfire has deep experience developing mobile business and wireless enterprise data-access applications. We describe some of these mobile and wireless project experiences below, and will be glad to share our expertise in detail with you.

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  • A word scrambling video game.
  • A file transfer application for GPRS network
  • Proto TelAd - Java

A word scrambling video game.

Game Development Company
Video Games
C++, MFC, Win CE

Developed a popular word scrambling game from Desktop PC to Pocket PC handheld.

A file transfer application for GPRS network

transcription software provider
Health Care.

A TCP/IP based file transfer application optimized for speed and reliability for transmission over Internet using a GPRS network.  Primarily the communication is between a Central server and a handheld device that acts as a client.  The handheld originates requests for service to the Central Server.  The Central Server is configured to be avail 24/7 and receive requests from many concurrent users. The handheld device transfers the recorded audio files to the server for transcription.

Proto TelAd - Java

Mobile & Telephony
Java v1.6 , Netbeans, Mobicent Media Server, Ericsson SDS, Sailfin Server, SIP servlets(JSR 289)

The Project was to develop a software application that controls a wireless phone call during the on hold state. The wireless caller placed on hold will then be streamed a MP3, Audio advertisement. The application provides the flowing capabilities call control, On Hold state recognition, stream MP3 file. The application is compatibly with all wireless networks and wireless companies.

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