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A PHP application remains a PHP application irrespective of the fact of whether it is handwritten or is developed using a framework because technical expertise always remains as the key ingredient. The developer is at a greater ease while using a framework because of the following factors: 

  • Compliance to industry standards
  • Well Structured code pattern
  • Greater scalability as and when required
  • Less time consuming as generic modules are reused
  • Better maintenance opportunities

We have been in business of custom software development for 17 years and we  are a specialist in Small-Team Software Development by following Agile Methods. We provide a range of services on PHP application development with the support of our deep web application development expertise. Years of hand-on experience and a dedicated team of certified developers has helped Mindfire Solutions expand its client base who use PHP as their scripting language. Our experts at Mindfire have deep knowledge in the various PHP frameworks that are in vogue these days.




Following are some of the PHP frameworks that our PHP developers have been using for our customers who belong to diverse industries and hail from various geographies:

  • CodeIgniter - Perceived as one of the most flexible and powerful PHP framework ever, Mindfire’s team of CodeIgniter PHP developers use the power of CodeIgniter to build great looking content sites and small-to-medium web applications for our clients worldwide.
  • CakePHP -  Mindfire Solutions’ expert team of CakePHP developers create brilliant applications that require PHP 4 compatibility using CakePHP. Suspected to be the toughest PHP framework ever, it comes across as a cakewalk for our exceptional developers.
  • Zend - Mindfire Solutions has a dedicated team of Zend certified developers who are proficient in creating large scale enterprise level applications using Zend framework which suite the diverse needs of our global clients.
  • Kohana - Our skilled Kohana PHP developers use the lightweight and easy to use framework Kohana to build small-to-medium web applications and custom content management systems as per the specific needs of our various customers.
  • ATK 4 - Our certified PHP developers build powerful Web Applications containing both business logic and User interface logic using the Agile Toolkit 4 (ATK 4) for our customers who are very keen to have their web apps built using ATK 4.
  • Symfony - Mindfire’s team of Symfony PHP development professionals use of Symfony which is also one of the oldest PHP frameworks to build robust enterprise level applications that match our customers’ budgets and business needs.
  • Agavi - Our expert PHP developers are adept at using Agavi which is a powerful and scalable PHP5 application framework built around the Model-View-Controller architecture. Mindfire’s team of skilled PHP development professionals use this framework to develop ultra secure applications with clean, maintainable and extensible code which gives our customers the freedom over limiting conventions, and focuses on sustained quality rather than short-sighted decisions
  • Yii - Our exceptionally brilliant team of PHP development professionals use Yii, the highly modular, high performance PHP framework to rapidly develop web applications that meet our customer’s business needs adequately.
  • Fuel PHP - Our nimble PHP development team has also used FuelPHP which is a simple, flexible, community driven PHP 5.3 web framework based on the best ideas of other frameworks with a fresh start.
  • Silex - Mindfire’s team of expert PHP developers makes use of Silex which is a PHP micro-framework based on the Symfony2 Components to create smaller web applications that can be build with real minimal effort.
  • Laravel - Mindfire’s team of Laravel PHP programmers use Laravel, the elegant PHP framework for web artisans. We create premium add-ons and extensions for the Laravel framework. 
More often than not, many developers start fretting when there is repetitive work. Even though PHP comes across as a great scripting language, they may find the task at hand a bit too boring. In such cases, a good PHP framework helps the developer to develop a PHP application quickly and with more simplicity. In short it makes his task less monotonous. However, using just about any framework also does not help.

Mindfire Solutions backed by its years of PHP development expertise assists its customers in the following ways:
  • Educating the customers about the boons of using any PHP framework
  • Choosing the apt framework for the customer from PHP's expansive list of frameworks
  • Building the business apps for the client
  • Support and Maintenance post implementation of the business application

It is imperative to know the type of business application the customer wants to build before going ahead and suggesting a framework. For example, a customer who wants to build an eCommerce application would require a framework that has in-built libraries with proven extensions for dealing with credit card processing. Also the hosting environment has a role to play when one has to decide the type of framework to be used. For instance, while some frameworks work best with MySQL, there are others which include libraries for working with key-value and document store databases. Mindfire Solutions has always guided its customers by choosing the right framework for building their business applications.

We recommend you to explore the various PHP framework service offerings that Mindfire Solutions provides so as to know which framework would give the best results for your growing business needs. In order to have a better idea, do look up the numerous PHP projects that we have carried out for our esteemed customers at custom PHP Projects as well to confirm whether we fit into your idea of an ideal offshore IT Solutions Partner.


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