How to Approach Automation?

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Automation, in true sense, relieves the person from manual efforts by regulating the repetitive tasks to an extent. Automation is the preferred choice in most industries and software may also be brought into the circle of automation, but without deviating from its actual definition. Automation should not become a costly affair for an engineer to

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Why Automation – Is it worth?

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Automated testing is need of the hour. Possibilities of the automation, apart from custom manual testing, are being analyzed for every other application now-a-days. It is preferred to manual testing due to several factors such as improved accuracy of tests, wider test coverage, more reliable results and above all, it saves time and cost rapidly.

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The 2 Minute Innovation

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And before you come to a seemingly easy conclusion, let me be very clear. I am definitely not talking about Nestle’s Maggi noodles which can be cooked in about just two minutes. So what could be the 2 minute innovation? Ever heard of 2MV (short for 2 minute video) as a daily reporting tool? Possibly

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Who Should Software Developers Care About?

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Manager/Lead or Client – who should developers care about? Neither. Software developers in outsourcing companies are a harried lot. Demands come from multiple quarters – Lead or Manager, Client, Colleagues – to name a few. Sometimes a CEO and other random people are also part of the group. In large organizations, Marketing, Interaction and other

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The architecture of a techie paradise

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“Do you really like working at Mindfire Solutions? “ I asked and saw my friend give me an as-if-you-don’t-know-it-already look. He said, “Whoever would want to leave this techie paradise?” You may begin to think that I was merely doing a survey. No, I was not! It was a candid coffee table conversation between the two

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A Glass of Google, Anybody?

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Alternatively called revolutionary and creepy, Google Glass has cyberspace up – up in arms and up for it. Hate it or like it, you can’t ignore it. There are social, privacy and etiquette implications. Not surprisingly, places where privacy is paramount (such as dive bars), have banned Glass. This makes headlines because…nobody knows! And then

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Celebrating Awesomeness

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Let us meet someone interesting today. One of our software engineers at Mindfire, Tadit Dash, was recognized by Microsoft this week as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for South Asian region. His MVP profile is here. You can read about Tadit’s journey here in his own words. On tech side, Tadit does his stuff

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It isn’t Hard to Hard-code!

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Recently I came across an interesting programming situation. Parts of a web-based system stopped working suddenly, with nothing significant having changed. After some finger-pointing and accusatory guessing, it was discovered that some scripts on server side had been shifted from /root/1level to a deeper nested folder, let’s say /root/1level/2level. So far so good. What happened

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Reflections on “Queen”

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As with every good movie, the story and characters of “Queen” have subtleties you can reflect on, in different contexts. If you have watched the movie, read on! Right Person in the Right Place Whether it is casting Kangana Ranaut as the innocent yet liberal Rani or Lisa Haydon as the wild yet affectionate Vijaylakshmi,

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Common Sense vs Bureaucracy

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An organization gets bureaucratic with age. Meaningless rules and policies are thrown around, often ignoring common sense. I came across an instance recently, and wondered what we were thinking. One of our years-old, loyal clients worked with a specific team for few months. Things were done and sealed, and when they shifted their back-end from

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