Entry-level/Fresher Salary at Mindfire Solutions


(Update Sep 20:


Mindfire Solutions does NOT employ services of any external organization for our recruitment process, in any role at any stage. We do our OWN hiring COMPLETELY and nobody else – no placement consultant, no recruitment agent, no headhunting firm, no campus coordinator, nobody else at all – is involved in any way at all.

Please do not believe people making false promises to place you at Mindfire Solutions, or to get you an interview slot, or influence hiring in any way – and definitely do not pay anything for such claims. If you do believe and interact with them, it is at your own risk and loss. Mindfire Solutions is not responsible in any way for such interactions.)



Quietly, Mindfire has created one of the best packages for freshers, nationwide.

At Mindfire Solutions, we have always believed in providing industry-leading packages for talent. We have raised the bar in 2014 with a lucrative pay package and other elements that will surprise you.

1. Salary
Our uniform entry-level salary for all 2014 technical freshers is Rs 35,000 per month (Rs 4,20,000 per annum). All fixed, all guaranteed. This in itself is perhaps in the top 90%. Whoa! But wait – this is just salary. We have more!

2. Free Tablet
On the day you join, you take home a gift of a tablet (Apple iPad mini 3G or Samsung Galaxy Note 8) worth about Rs 30,000. It belongs to you. A nice little welcome to a new life.

3. Free Insurance
You and your parents/family are eligible for medical insurance, with annual premium up to Rs 6,000 paid by Mindfire, which generally gives you insurance coverage up to Rs 3 lakhs.

4. Free Lunch
For past 8 months, we have had free lunch at all our centers. We do not foresee discontinuation of this facility – people have been thrilled!

5. Zero Bonds
Mindfire is against bonds of any kind. We do not bind you with any bonds, disguised as “service contract” or any clever words. You can walk out at any time if you get a better option for your career/life (with a month’s notice). We wish you well.

6. Zero Deposit
There is no financial deposit of any kind. Neither a bank guarantee or anything. The only thing you need to give is your talent, your energy, your dedication. Everything else is for you to get.

7. Zero Bench
We will get you real work within 6 months of joining. You don’t have to sit idle on bench for 2-3 years, destroying your long-term career and future.

8. 100% Learning
You will learn by doing practical work. You will have active guidance and help and resources, and you will learn by doing and reading and discussing – not by being taught by someone. Being taught is passive, learning yourself is active – the chosen path for winners.

9. 100% Job Security
Mindfire has not had layoffs at any time in its history. Neither in the mega recession of 2000-2002, nor 2009-2010, nor at any other time ever. People are asked to leave only due to individual performance problems, and at 2% it is the lowest in industry. OK, let’s be direct: yes, if you have no interest in work and tech, we will ask you to leave.

10. 100% Stability
Mindfire is a self-funded organization with no bank loans or external debt or borrowing of any kind. We have hundreds of clients spread all over the globe in various industries, which diffuses risk factors and renders us an enviably strong and stable foundation. We have been continuously and comfortably profitable since 15 years.

11. 100% Software Development. Only.
Mindfire is a place for pure software development, nothing else. We do not do production support, technical support, and a zillion other types of work. We take up only work which is software development (programming and testing), so you will always get hardcore tech work only.


To Mindfireans: 11 is an odd number. Which item above should we cut (unimportant for freshers) so that it becomes 10? Or which other item can we add to make it a dozen?!

To Software Freshers: we love you if you love tech. As you can see above, Mindfire will give you a lot. The only thing you need to give is your talent and time. Do come on over and apply for the best IT/software jobs at http://www.mymindfire.in/AddMyProfile.aspx!

But shh, quiet. Don’t tell your friends where you found the best opportunity. Don’t tell them about Mindfire.




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  • harsh wardhan

    Agree on all the 11 points mentioned above, so instead of cutting a point lets add a point no 12. 100% Freedom. (well, maybe not 100% :p) No dress code. No hierarchy. Flexible timing(Unless you don’t misuse it). No problems with leaves. Freedom to work from home when in need. This just makes one feel free and work with more energy and passion.

    Kudos Mindfire !!

  • Sathyan Reddy

    No 12.: A welcome Hamper – with vouchers for book stores, online vouchers, AMC Membership, some generic and tech books themselves?

  • Suryakant Behera

    Loved the post.

    We can add one more point (No.12) to it about, earning Leaves Bonus wherein, we get a substantial amount at the end of the year for taking leaves.

    I hope this one is an important point to mention.

  • Ansuraj Khadanga

    12. No dress code and flexible timings. 🙂

  • Kavita

    Flexibility and Work Environment

  • Sashikant Mohanty

    Way to go, Chinmay. Can we change the format of Red Herring?

  • Dias

    I think we already have these Points Harsh…:)

  • Rupal C

    To make it a dozen points that make Mindfire a better option, you could probably add about the ‘Extra monetary benefits’ upon taking leaves! Who would have thought a company could pay you for taking leaves!!!

  • Rasmita Dash

    Adding to Harsh, No shifts, only general shift 🙂

  • Guest

    Everything is fine but growth??????

  • Hem Dutt

    12. no dress code
    13. work from home facility if you can earn it
    14. get paid for leaves
    15. unlimited maternity leaves for female employees

    16. Get early opportunity to interact with client directly
    17. opportunity to be part of a weird and very professional group 🙂

  • Bhargav Achary

    Impressed! And feels proud! I wish, one day.. I be a part of this great little firm!

  • Akash Mishra

    Add pension system after retirement…..dont cut any thing…

  • Debabrata Patra

    I would like to add another point to Hem’s list.
    18. Get paid to learn something new.

    Maybe this is a life time opportunity!

  • Santu Kashi

    How to join mindfire?

  • rocky

    But where is the innovation, Entrepreneurial skills which workers in most of these tech companies lack

  • venkat satyesh

    According to me point number 12 should be calculation of number of working days at the end of every month giving the employee to work on any day and take leaves any day, at the end the organisation will get what it expects at the end of every month giving the employee his freedom to work as per his enjoyment

  • Soumil Dhar

    After reading the post.. I am really looking forward to a job opportunity in mindfire.. please tell me how can i get a chance??

  • Rashmi Panda

    Impressed with Mindfire Solution and working culture.I have posted my resume through mail and added in web site.I am interested to join this company but sorry to added this blog, Mindfire could not recognize hard working,talented and experience professional.If some profile is 110% match to their skills, company HR should call to know further details.But Ah! its not happening….:(