Can Weekends Begin on Fridays?


Weekends start on Saturdays. What if they could start on Fridays? What?!? Are you out of your mind?


Carlos Slim set the dialog rolling for fewer workdays recently. He advocated 3 11-hour workdays a week. Larry Page has referred to a 4-day week. Debate has continued, with views ranging from impracticality to glee. The more I think about it, the more I believe it is worth trying.

What if we actually do it while the world debates about it?

Allow me to share some thoughts – benefits, problems, constraints, and possibility.

Contiguous time off from work helps our minds to relax, and our fires to recharge. It means time for hobbies and interests. Learning for techaholics. Research for thinkers. Tinkering for doers. Open-source contribution or personal projects for workaholics. Ideas for would-be entrepreneurs. Community and social work for do-gooders. Parties for party animals! Travel for travel-lovers. Family and kids time. Romance for couples. Sports for sport lovers. Home travel for those from other cities. A mix of all of the above for most of us!

Better life. Broader outlook. Broader minds. Better work.


On days you work, your work of 11-12 hours blocks out the rest of life. Those days can be more tiring. Work can suffer. An organization with longer weekends may be mistaken to be lazy, under-ambitious, and neglectful of work.


With many benefits, fewer work days seem attractive. But there are constraints we have to consider.

Every organization commits something to its customers/clients. At Mindfire, we commit 160 hours of work a month, 40 hours a week. Anything less and we have to suffer – when the organization earns less, everyone earns less. Work is the economic activity which generates wealth for all. Income is carved from eternity with our time. When income suffers, everyone suffers. That cannot be allowed to happen.

Non-work activities at work
In flexible workplaces, most of us have some non-work activities at work, perhaps about 10% of the time. In other words, 40 hours of work need about 44 hours at work.


Now let us consider the possibilities.

3 x 11
3 days of 11 hours each is 33 hours a week, so that is infeasible.

4 x 11
4 days of 11 hours each can mean 40 work hours, which is feasible. However, getting clients to agree to one day off every week, even when other days are used to make up – is tough. Anything which harms work, will harm those who work.

4 x 10 + 4
Practically doable, similar benefits: 4 10-hour days followed by 4 hours on Friday!

This would mean 9am-7pm or 11am-9pm or whatever, Monday through Thursday, and 9am-1pm or 11am-3pm or whatever on Friday. Work ends and the weekend begins with lunch on Friday! Yay!

Interesting? Interested?

This could be a giant step for work, a small leap towards Work 2.0.

What do you think?


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  • Saurabh

    With the flexibilities coming to workplace nowadays like work from home, work from anywhere – this does not add much value. Its a connected world now no matter where you are. Can you switch off anytime?

  • Manoj Monga

    Sounds like a great idea. Another idea to stand out of the crowd. It will be pretty relaxing for those who anyways stay late till 9:30 or 10 PM for client meetings etc. 🙂

  • Another step, can show the software world we have the confidence to take innovative steps and I think not only mindfirians, the whole world will egarly wait for some new innovative thought to follow.
    Mindfire rocks 🙂

  • Anoop Jain

    If I am not wrong I read about this in TOI which said this idea is being discussed in abroad but Indian Companies/HRs may still not be ready for this. Happy to know that Mindfire may try this out. As mentioned if work is not affected indeed it might turn out to be a good initiative.


    Really a nice initiative. 🙂

  • Manish


  • Mohit

    That sounds like a great leap from the general trends of the IT companies.
    4×11 sounds like the best possibility to me.
    4 days for working and 3 days of relaxation. works for me.
    +1 from my side 🙂

  • Ankit Kumar

    WOW !!! Awesome Idea.

    4 x 10 + 4 Seems feasible if our client agrees on the timings. We also follow agile methodologies where are changes are frequent and many a times we don’t know what changes we will be making tomorrow. Its normal for our clients to follow a 5 day work schedule in a week. For us 4 day – any timing are fine. On
    Friday we might have to set our timing depending upon the client’s meeting/chats/calls, well it will vary from project to project. Definitely it will lead to better life and better work.

    Its worth trying.

  • Pradipta

    Nice Idea..

  • Ansuraj Khadanga

    It could be an interesting initiative, but it might effect people as people might be overburdened(1 hr extra might get extended to 2,if work is more) in the weekdays.
    I feel the TGIF experiment, can have more impact in making the workplace more Awesome! than this initiative. 🙂

  • harsh wardhan

    Sounds super cool..!!
    4 x 10 + 4 Option looks perfect in this situation.
    Hope clients understand this so that we can see this in action.

  • Ankit Khare

    Great idea 🙂

  • Nice initiative. 🙂

  • Ankit Arora

    Great Idea 🙂

  • Naresh E

    4 x 11 -> Sounds super awesome but the consequences are uncertain 🙁
    Also, transportation/traffic(adds ~2hrs), health etc. issues may come up.

    4 x 10 + 4 -> Seems to be promising and THE BEST solution 🙂 It would be great if we can give it a try 🙂

  • arkshree

    awsome idea 🙂

  • Anupam Negi

    (4 x 10 + 4)

    Sounds Superb!!

  • Pradeep Yadav

    Great initiative. 11 hours a day is daily marathon, people will need more break time in between work timing to do it continuously.

  • Hem Dutt

    We can mix this with WFH facility.

    Let’s say 9 * 3 usual + (12 + 5) compulsory WFH
    So we can save time in transportation and fill the gap in work by not overburdening the people.

  • Shekhar Pankaj

    Wow… just idea sounds so good.. how intresting and amaging it would be cant express. what i feel is

    A)again we are contradicting our commitment to 9am-6pm for ladies,but these can be managed with work from home
    B) since we are known for our good communications with client .taking example of european client we are increasing one hour overlap with them for 4 days(4 hours a week workin till 9pm) and on friday after lunch we are reducing 6hour(taking 1400 hours IST As 0930 hrs of theirs) overlap with them so in total there is 2 hours loss.
    C) we can manage point B if instead of 11 am to 3 pm – we can go with 4pm to 8 pm
    D)what difference it would make for working day, same travelling time because we would have missed the peak traffic hours,so public transports (autos , bus) will not be frequent as compare to peak same time to search for commute who dont have there own means.
    E) From march-october who will like to travel to there home at 3pm in the noon, its around 40 degree outside..
    F) But wait for point E we have TGIF at Bangalore ADC..
    G) we all have some work like to pay utility bills, some banks related work, some stores ,service centres that work only mon-friday.those works remains pending. what if instead of “weekends begin on friday” we can have “weekends ends on monday”…and yes movie tickets are cheaper on monday morning then friday night.:)

    • Tushar Raj

      I think “weekends begin on friday from 3pm ” is a cool thought to implement , on addition to it we can also go for “weekends ends on monday till 3 pm” and then work resumes over from 3pm to 9pm . Atleast we are not having “TGIF” as in Bangalore center , so we can go ahead with this also . 🙂

  • Vivek Chaudhary

    Great initiative. 4 X 11 sounds interesting to me.

  • Abhishek Dabral

    4X10 + 4 sounds great but Four hour of work on friday, is not so feasible as everyone has to spend their time on transportaion,
    4 X 10 + 4 (WFH) will be the best one

  • Pravasini Sahoo

    Today I just came across one article by World’s richest person (Carlos
    regarding “Work Life Balance”.

    So, Mindfireans!! We are not far
    behind this idea from world’s richest person. Chinmoy had shared
    similar kind of thought earlier and now world’s richest person found the
    same to be important.