Introduction to Xamarin and ASP.NET vNext in Nepal


Two Mindfireans – Nirmal and Tadit – will be traveling to Kathmandu shortly, to speak at the DevTechDays event organized by Microsoft Innovation Center, Nepal on September 20 2014.

Nirmal will speak on “Jumpstart for Xamarin Forms”. Xamarin is an interesting way to write code in C# and have it run on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

Tadit will speak on “Introduction to ASP.NET vNext”. ASP.NET vNext is the next generation of ASP.NET, in preview with some interesting stuff.

It is interesting how unexpected things come up, and that Mindfire is contributing in its own way to Nepal’s technology community and knowledge ramp-up. To celebrate their new opportunity and our new moment of pride, Nirmal and Tadit receive a Special Award of Rs 20,000 each!


Nirmal and Tadit: congratulations, best wishes and bon voyage!



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  • Ansuman Sahu

    Congrats Nirmal and Tadit. All the best !!

    And Thanks to Mindfire for its innovative steps towards investment in

  • Sumit Dhal

    Congrats Tadit, Nirmal. Best wishes 🙂

  • Nirmal Hota

    Thanks Chinmoy, Ansuman and Sumit 🙂

  • Tadit Dash

    Thanks Chinmoy, Ansuman, Sumit and Mindfire Solutions for always supporting community activities.

    We will rock in Nepal. 🙂

  • @nirmal_hota:disqus & @taditdash:disqus great ! Congrats and all the best 🙂

  • Ishan Kumar Saini

    Congratulations to both of’em 🙂

  • Bijit

    Congrats Tadit and Nirmal.. 🙂

  • Mohammad Alam

    congratulations to both people and wishes for there best performance in the event