Why Are We Called “Mindfire”?


People have often wondered why we are named “Mindfire”. It is not a word, although it is clearly a composite – but why exactly “Mindfire”?

For most human endeavor, almost anything worth doing, at least two things are necessary: intellect and energy. Boxing seems like a physical/energy sport, but the best boxers use their heads more than their hands. Research looks like mental/intellectual effort, but the best scientists are tireless in their pursuit.

In the field of software development, the balance of these two is especially critical.

It is true in all fields, but it is more true in software development, which requires perfect balance of both in ample amounts. It is not enough to be excellent in either – you have to be excellent in both intellect and energy. This is a rare combination, and it is what sets top software developers apart from the rest.

If you are only good in raw intelligence but lack energy, drive, spirit – you will keep thinking forever about the best algorithm to implement that would solve a problem – and not write any code at all.

And if you are only good in raw energy but lack intelligence, learning, a sharp mind – you will write five thousand lines of code with functions of five hundred lines each – that do not solve the problem.

When Mindfire started, I had observed all types of software developers in few years working as a tester/programmer – the needlessly brainy ones, the heedlessly hyperactive ones, the ones with neither, and the ones with both. Only the ones with both were truly successful. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and common wisdom in software industry are all correct – one great programmer is worth twenty five average programmers, at least.

With this backdrop, and the desire to create an organization for the rockstars of software development – not your average or good developers but the great programmers, the rockstars – the name had to reflect what everyone in the organization would have.

Everyone in the organization would have incomparable intellect for software development – a great mind. And everyone in the organization would have unequaled energy for software development – a great fire.

Mind and fire. Great even when alone. Mind-blowingly outstandingly fucking awesome when together.

Mind and fire. Mindfire.


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  • Sumit Shah

    Good Idea do bring constant innovation.

  • Vinoth Raj

    How often have we seen names that are derived from business objectives, business products, personal names, and sometimes personal preferences.

    Organization means “group of people”. Without people there is no organization. So, I personally believe that deriving name from “people” who constitute it appears more generous and non self-centric. Above all, naming one’s organization is after all one’s own preference.

    Following is a list of names that appear self-centric:

    Adobe Systems: from the Adobe Creek stream that ran behind John Warnock’s house (cofounder) – [Personal preference]

    Amazon: Named after the voluminous river Amazon – [Business oriented]

    Apple: Favorite fruit of co-founder Steve Jobs and/or for the time he worked at an apple orchard – [Personal preference]

    Bosch: Named after founder Robert Bosch – [Personal preference]

    Dell: Named after its founder Michael Dell – [Personal preference]

    Ernest & Young: Named after company’s founders: A C Ernest and Arthur Young – [Personal preference]

    Microsoft: Bill Gates named it to represent the company that was devoted to microcomputer software – [Product based]

    The above list is not exhaustive. Nevertheless, there are some other organizations that are named after its people who constitute it – Like Mindfire!

    I have added the name Mindfire to wiki (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_company_name_etymologies)

  • Azad

    This post reminds me of the time when our team once put up this question 4 years back – what is Mindfire? . As always a quick and brilliant reply, explaining the core values and the combination of great MIND and the FIRE to do something great that ultimately led to form MINDFIRE .

  • Sathyan Reddy

    Hell Yeah!

  • Ex-Mindfirean

    Proud to be a Mindfireans !