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Mindfire Thailand Trip 2016

The Little and The Large

The world is headed towards the unknown. What a great time for vacation! And while we’re at it, why not make it large – an international vacation!

So here we are at the end of 2016 – on the back of a trumping victory, a demonetisation, and random other unexpected events including a noble Dylan. Many of these events are expected to make life tough for IT companies in India. And then there are mega-trends of automation, centralization and simplification impacting work and technology companies. The largest companies have sent out signals of revenue, on-site and hiring slowdown possibility.

Amidst all this, people at Mindfire start out today in staggered batches for a vacation to Thailand – Bangkok and Pattaya! All people, all expenses paid. You heard that right – all people, all expenses paid 🙂

Why and How

Someone asked why. Motivation? Relaxation? Recognition?

The reason is actually boringly un-corporate and un-tion: it’s a fun thing to do!

Another question is how this is possible. Mindfire is a little organization. Compared to behemoths with hundreds of thousands of people, half a thousand work with us. How is this possible.

People work together to create an organization they can be proud of, and the collective effort comes back when possible. While income and profit may be the goal of business, we can intermittently indulge in the pursuit of happiness 😉

A little company can, after all, have a large heart.

Working Mom

A working mother’s perspective

My best friend who works for a prestigious firm in the USA told me that maternity leave offered by most companies there varies between 6 weeks to 8 weeks at the most. When I told her about the “unlimited maternity leave” facility at Mindfire Solutions, her eyes actually popped out. And no I m not joking.
The first time when I heard about such an arrangement at Mindfire Solutions which allows new moms to take care of their baby for as long as they want to, well, honestly, I really could not digest it. But then one has to live it to vouch for it. And that’s what happened with me.

The Arrangement:

While the flexibility of working from home is offered by many companies to help employees to give as much importance to personal needs without compromising on the professional front, “unlimited maternity leave” goes an extra step further. New moms and moms-to-be at Mindfire Solutions get the liberty to stay with their baby for as long as they want to and then intimate their date of joining at their own discretion. Such an arrangement ensures that the mother and child enjoy being together for the initial (unlimited) time period. Even after joining the office the mothers in many cases have the flexibility of working from home.

My Experience:

During my pregnancy I had consciously moved from a client facing, business development role to candidate side marketing role. This ensured that if in the near future I had to take a long leave (Trust me it happens in most cases and everyone is not the yahoo chief. LOL.) it would have minimal impact on the business side. As I was nearing my due date I suffered from extremely swollen feet that prevented me from travelling to office every day. It was then that I started working from home so that work did not get hampered and finish off with all the pending projects before I went on that really long leave. (Thank God for the flexibility that Mindfire provides!)

In a few months time I became a mother to a boisterous infant. And then owing to a serious medical condition I had to avail the unlimited maternity leave over and above the regular maternity leave. Now when I look back, I am extremely grateful to Mindfire Solutions and really can’t thank it enough for granting my request. Also as an extremely employee friendly organization, it has never hesitated to let me work from home as and when the need arises. The flexibility that it offers to me helps me keep an equal focus on issues both at home and work.
One can understand it better if one looks at this arrangement from the working mother’s point of view. The amount of freedom and flexibility that Mindfire Solutions provides to the new mothers goes a long way in easing out her extremely hectic daily schedule.
And I find that as I try to juggle between my two roles, my new one as a mother and my older one as an employee, the organization and its people-centric policies have lent me a helping hand to handle these new roles without much hurdles. Frankly for all these humane gestures, I would not really mind walking that extra mile for Mindfire Solutions.

(P.S. The accompanying picture doesn’t apply to me.)