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It’s all about time – bloom and grow

Mindfireans bloom and grow
Mindfireans bloom and grow

Some people’s name justifies their deeds. Tadit means electricity/thunder, he really owns that electricity/thunder in his nerves and brain. Tadit Dash is a senior ASP .Net developer and  truly one of the assets of Mindfire. He is current MVP(Most Valuable Professional) of Microsoft and former MVP of Code Project.

Tadit Dash explores new things, generates new ideas, pitches them on the track and works on them. Like other people learn and earn, this guy learns, manages time, shares knowledge and earns. He is an inspiration for a very large community of students and employees not only in Odisha but also other parts of India.

Writing a book is a dream of many engineers, Tadit Dash made his dream true and injected dependency on many people by writing a book on Dependency Injection. If you are unaware of the topic Dependency Injection or you want to refine the knowledge of Dependency Injection, then go through that book, your concept will become crystal clear.

Manage time 

He often gets this question “How you manage time?”. Well, he is able to manage time, because he wants to. The zeal to share knowledge with juniors and the whole techie community out there is immense in him. And that zeal only pushes him to manage time. Tadit is not only a developer, he is also a motivational speaker. He delivered a heart rendering speech in a TEDx talk. He is a true asset to the company. May he keep reaching the stations of success and may he keep paving the paths for fellow passengers.

Never say never

We are aware of the fact that success is the name of struggle, looking into the autobiographies of many successful people, you will find out, behind their success there is always a story, a story of struggle, the struggle may be financial, mental, managing time or anything. People manage to get success even after struggling and crossing all the hurdles. We should be always open to challenges, challenges which can change our lives in a broader way. Never say never, You can achieve your goal if you think “I will do”.

What Tadit Dash says about his journey of writing a book and becoming a TEDx Speaker?

 “Must say for the first page of my book, I literally cried for 3 days as I was not finding ideas on how to write. I could have been stopped which I was thinking to do.But, I love to fail, so I tried. I succeeded as I continued to work hard for next 4 months. The topic “The Tad Bit of Tadit” would have never taken birth if God and my Grandfather had not planned my life with ups and downs.”

His TEDx experience is quite worth listening to.

“This was a gift to my community members and well-wishers who always wanted to know the story behind my achievements.On the D-Day, I was a little bit worried if I could be able to connect with the audience or not. To my utter surprise, everyone in the hall was responding to my thoughts.”

Moreover, Tadit Dash is a core team member of the grand event TechBhubaneswar, a technical event with dedicated software development and QA testing tracks. He contributes in deciding the important aspects of the event in terms of speakers and execution plans. He was also one of the hosts of TechBhubaneswar 2016 edition.

This is how Tadit Dash blooms and grows :).  Be awesome. Be Tadit. Look beyond today – build a brilliant tomorrow using today.

Love challenges because you have to pick up a challenge to unlock the success!

Celebrating Awesomeness

Microsoft MVP

Let us meet someone interesting today.

One of our software engineers at Mindfire, Tadit Dash, was recognized by Microsoft this week as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for South Asian region. His Microsoft MVP profile is here. You can read about Tadit’s journey here in his own words. On tech side, Tadit does his stuff on ASP.NET web development and Dynamics CRM.

It is wonderful to observe Tadit’s enthusiasm and vibrant participation in the global developer community – mostly at CodeProject and also on StackOverflow. Excellent.

Tadit has done all of this while being on projects constantly, and with continuous happy delivery for all projects he has worked on. Brilliant.

When desire and direction combine, time bends to the will.

Tadit is a great example of the type of people we want and love at Mindfire.

People who love technology, people who want to connect, people who want to carve an identity for themselves, people who are responsible, people who are passionate. People who are bound to their own work and talent and reputation and identity – not within the boundaries of an organization or role, but floating on the unchained melody of the unbounded universe.

People who intuitively understand the obvious – things like companies and designation and salary and teams and projects will come and go – what stays with you for your life is the knowledge you gain, the reputation you build, the well-wishers you have, the abilities you possess.

People who see beyond, and rise above. What fate and fortune give, they multiply.

I have never met or spoken with Tadit.

His story inspires me. Coming from the small town of Nayagarh, Tadit joined Mindfire at Bhubaneswar 3 years back. After proving his worth at work, his voluntary energy led to  responsibility for “extra non-work stuff”, and subsequent awards, at Mindfire. He moved ahead to receive a CodeProject MVP award few months back, and now he has received the Microsoft MVP recognition. That’s not all.

He is not only Mindfire’s first Microsoft MVP, but also the first Microsoft MVP from Bhubaneswar, a city with 10,000 software engineers! Wonderful.

If Tadit can do it, so can you and me.

Be awesome. Be Tadit. Look beyond today – build a brilliant tomorrow using today.

Let us think about this story over what is, hopefully, a happy and inspiring weekend.



My First CRM Project Tadit Dash

My First CRM Project…

…and that too was in Spanish. It just went over my head. I was feeling like I was juggling frogs.

Looking Back…

The rigorous training I received was a great support for me. It was hard work and I got myself acquainted with the different components of Dynamics CRM within couple of weeks. I would not have been able to work on the application without the help of my teammates and my lead, who constantly guided me and inspired me. It was as if there were two dozen hands guiding me lest I go wrong. It was complete team work at work. I would like to thank all of them for their help at each and every step.

Positive Part…

Fortunately, the project was going to introduce me to almost every component of Dynamics CRM, as it was getting migrated from an older version to new. Okay fine…. I said to myself, it was difficult for me because of the foreign language, but this is the positive part, I have the opportunity to learn a great deal from this comprehensive project  and I looked forward to it.

Going on…

During the development phase, I faced many difficulties. But who is going to stop me, when I was so inspired by the words of Alan Saporta who had said: “The best way to escape from a problem is to solve it.“, was showing me the path.

And yes, as my team says I was in Dot NET domain, so, it is not going to be tough on my part, but I believe they were the only the driving force, who made it easy.

Busy, busy, busy…

Within no time, I was busy in creating the needed components one by one according to the specifications. The work was divided between two other developers including me. Oh, how I forgot our excellent QA team, who also did a marvelous job in digging the system to find all the bugs they could. We as a team completed the job and delivered it to the client, much before time, much to his surprise and delight.


Expecting some morals, right?, Here it is…

If you’re going through hell, keep going”. – Winston Churchill