Chiropractic Practice Management Software

Chiropractic Practice Management Software

David was a renowned chiropractor in the city. “Dr. Dave” they called him.

“He has magic in those hands,” they would say.

“My mother tried yoga, and exercises, and medicines – nothing worked. One appointment with Dr. Dave, and now she goes about like she’s 20!” This was just one such story.

There were a lot more that served to spread his fame. Women and men of all ages would line up from across the city for his adjustments. They would assemble even before the clinic would open. Once, to handle the volume, David hired an assistant, but people would only want David. He had to let the person go.


Besides the obvious expertise in his field of work, it was his strong desire to make a difference, in every possible way he practiced his profession, that set him apart.

He would come in everyday at 10 AM sharp, immaculately dressed, and smile at every patient as he walked by. Every step carefully measured, and identical. Not only was he great at what he did, he was extraordinarily charming, and warm. He seemed to possess a remarkable ability to always have things under his control.


Today, he noticed a commotion by his cabin. His secretary, Hillary, seemed to be in a not quite-an-amicable conversation with a man who appeared exceptionally red, bursting at the seams with his arms in the air.

Not again, it’s already been three times this week, he thought to himself.

Good morning Hillary, what’s the matter?”

“This gentleman seems to have scheduled an appointment for today, but it does not reflect in our records,” she said with a frazzled look.

Well, we can accommodate him first thing in the morning,” he said waving off any further debate.

The man didn’t melt, he simply understood that it was the end of the matter and that’s it. He went back and sat on his chair.

Not a lot of things fazed Dr. Dave, but this was the seventh such incident happening in two weeks. The previous week there were a couple of patients whose claims were still not processed. The insurance companies pinned the blame on erroneous paperwork from the clinic.

If that wasn’t embarrassing enough for him, there were a few instances of discrepancies in the billing amount. – unacceptable for someone who took pride in being a perfectionist. It wasn’t Hillary’s fault. They just had a lot to keep up with.

The clients came, nonetheless, but the aura of invincibility that embellished him, was beginning to fade. “People are talking,” said Hillary in hushed tones, in his cabin. “I heard some of them are thinking of going to Gabriel’s.”

Dr. Gabriel was the new chiropractor in town. He built his clinic with a hot-shot architect, with glass exteriors, a landscaped garden, and also served his patients a steaming cup of tea.

Seriously?! People need lemon water – not tea. What is up with that?

They say he never misses an appointment,” she said worriedly.


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The Plot

Something needed to be done. Soon. The world was going digital, he needed to catch up too.

“Sir, I was researching online on automating our processes, and I found something. Perhaps we could consider investing in a Practice Management Software,” she asked unsure of how he would react.

“But they’re all expensive with all these extra features meant for general practitioners – things that we don’t want, but we’ll be charged for it. There’s nothing yet in our field,” he replied dismissively.

“But there is an organization that can make something specifically for us,” she pointed at the flaming logo on the screen.

“Hmm, Mindfire Solutions… Let’s set up the meeting.”

The Solution

The custom healthcare application development team at Mindfire  built exclusively for Dr. Dave, a practice management software that took control of scheduling, reporting, document management, and billing. From complete control of a patient’s flow with automated appointment reminders, and secure storage of patient records, to quick, transparent billing and claims process, the software took care of it all.

Cloud-based you say? I like that. It puts me back in the sky.”


Talk to Mindfire Solutions, and we’ll help you push your idea to the real world!

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