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Managing social media is easy during busy office hours

There has been a sudden rise in the number of social sites recently. The reason being, it’s acceptance by individuals as well as businesses and the fact that people are getting social. Most of the readers must have registered at multiple sites. But, the usage would be restricted to a limited number of sites. This is solely because of the fact that people do not get enough time to visit every site and update the same status everywhere. Taking time out from busy schedules and updating every site looks like a tedious task to them. Hence, most people update their Facebook page only and leave the rest. The status update is effective when it reaches to people worldwide. Continue reading Managing social media is easy during busy office hours

Social Mindfire

Mindfire + Social Media = Success for everyone!

Social MindfireHow important is Social Media for a business? This is a question that business owners ask themselves before barging in to any of the social media platforms.

In today’s world Social Media is the heart and soul of any business. It does not mean that other things are not important but, businesses which have presence in social media platforms have an edge over others.  Therefore, every website you find on the web has some or the other social media icon on their pages as everyone wants to be at top of the race.

Continue reading Mindfire + Social Media = Success for everyone!