Influencer Marketing Solution

Influencer Marketing Solution

A Friend In Need

When I bumped into Ben after five years, I realized that my friend’s warm smile had disappeared. There was something unnatural about Ben’s behavior. The bags under his eyes did not help either. Once we were done eating, I plucked up the courage to ask what the problem was. Ben sighed and said in what was almost a whisper that his content writing firm was struggling.

The Challenge

What happened? You are a gifted writer. I was there when you bought the place and employed some promising writers. What went wrong?” I asked.

“I don’t know, Stefan. It was all fine for the first three years,” Ben said and straightened up in his chair.

“Don’t get me wrong, the finances are just fine. We have a few loyal clients that come to us for all their projects. We are able to deliver too,” he said lingering on the last two words.

“Then where is the problem?” I asked trying to keep the confusion out of my voice.

“Maybe it’s just me being too ambitious, but there is no growth. I am at the same place where I was two years ago. It is driving me insane. Sometimes I am so bored that I feel like shutting the whole thing altogether,” he said, slapping the napkin down on the table.

The Idea

“Don’t lose heart. I am sure something can be done about it.”

“Trust me Stefan, I have tried everything. I made a new website, changed the logo and even changed the spelling. Nothing has worked . I want to do something different but can’t figure out what“ he said.

“Have you tried talking to people?” I asked.

“Yeah of course! I talk about the firm all the time. Everyone in my family and friend circle knows,” he replies with a touch of desperation.

“No. That’s not what I meant, you need to talk to the right people, ones who can give your business that edge.”

“Right people?” he asks.


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The Solution

“People who are known for their content. Popular bloggers, journalists, Twitter celebs, Youtubers. People who others listen to. You need to tell these influencers about your company. Their word of mouth is more valuable than any amount of marketing,” I tell him.

“But how do I reach them?” he asks.

“What if you don’t even need to go up to them. What if you meet them in the middle?” I ask with a wide smile.

“Hear me out. I have an app to help people in a situation like this. I had the idea, went to a custom software development company which gave it the shape. The app works like a marketplace where businesses such as yours can register and get access to industry influencers, who in turn are also registered and keen to offer their services. These influencers make use of their expertise to promote companies seeking their services. The best part is that my development partner takes complete ownership of running the app optimally. It adjusts remarkably well to the highs-and-lows of demand. Besides that, they also don’t let me agonize over the challenges of modernizing it from time to time. They just do it. I have been told the latest one is a very robust and contemporary tech stack: Ruby on Rails, React, React Native, MySQL, Google Cloud Platform. The arrangement gives me the freedom to focus all my energies to onboard more customers and grow the business. ”

“Woah! That’s what I need! But can you choose with whom you want to work with, and which channels you want to promote your business?”

“Of course! You can, and what’s more, once a piece of content gets posted, you can also track how well it is doing with analytics. At the end you can rate the influencers you work with as well.”

The Resolution

“Stefan, this is amazing!”

Since that day, Ben became an avid user of Stefan’s app.

It supplied him with the right contacts in the form of influencers and helped his business grow several times over.


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