What Is The Best Way To Learn AngularJS?

What Is The Best Way To Learn AngularJS
What Is The Best Way To Learn AngularJS

At present, AngularJS is being used by a number of high-traffic websites including PayPal, Netflix, The Guardian, Upwork, Freelancer and jetBlue. The open source JavaScript framework is also maintained by Google.  The features provided by AngularJS help developers to build custom web applications based on varying business requirements. AngularJS has been gaining a lot of popularity, interested readers can read on the evolution and rise of AngularJS. In addition to supporting model-view-controller (MVC) design rule, AngularJS further enables JavaScript developers to create robust user interfaces (UIs) by using HTML as a template language and extending HTML tags and attributes.

You can easily hone your JavaScript development skills by learning a widely used JavaScript framework like AngularJS. We get a lot of queries from developers asking: What Is The Best Way To Learn AngularJS. You have option to learn various aspects of the framework by joining a conventional AngularJS training program. But you must consider alternatives to classroom-based AngularJS training programs to learn the framework at your own pace and convenience. There are a number of online tutorials and courses that help both beginners and professionals to learn AngularJS through explanation, examples, informative notes, and videos. We analyzed some of them and listed the below ones for you.

Online Tutorials That Help Beginners to Learn AngularJS Quickly and Flexibly

AngularJS Tutorial on TutorialPoints.com

The online tutorial aims to help beginners to learn various aspects of AngularJS in a number of simple and easy steps. If you are familiar with JavaScript and a text editor, you can always consider joining the free online AngularJS tutorial. In addition to describing various aspects of AngularJS, the tutorial even covers important programming concepts like MVC architecture and environment setup. Also, it covers a number of important features of AngularJS – directives, expressions, controllers, tables, filters, modules, HTML DOM, AJAX, modules, views, scope, dependency injection, custom directives and internalization. You can even take advantage of the Try It option provided by the website to execute the code examples and see the output.

AngularJS Courses on EggHead.io

Egghead.io allows beginners to choose from a number of online AngularJS 1.x and 2.x courses. You can select specific course to learn AngularJS fundamentals, application architecture, data modelling, and authentication. At the same time, the courses will help you to understand important features of AngularJS. Each AngularJS course on Egghead.io consists of a number of lessons. The courses even enable you to learn the JavaScript framework through a number of videos whose length ranges from 2 minutes to 10 minutes. However, you have to become a subscriber to access advance courses on AngularJS.

AngularJS Tutorial on W3Schools.com

The online tutorial aims to help beginners to learn AngularJS quickly and efficiently. Initially the tutorial covers basic components of the JavaScript framework. Subsequently, it covers other important aspects of AngularJS. You can access the tutorial to learn important aspects of AngularJS – expressions, modules, directives, model, data binding, controllers, scopes, filters, services, tables, SQL, DOM, events, forms, validation, API, routing and animation. At the same time, the tutorial will make you create a real AngularJS application by leveraging these features and components.

Learn AngularJS Course on Codecademy.com

The online course aims to make beginners learn how to build single-page web applications with AngularJS. You can always consider joining the online course if you are familiar with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The online course covers several important features of AngularJS including directives, services and routing. It even allows you to learn these features through interactive lessons. However, you have to join the pro edition of the course to access freeform projects and multiple choice quizzes.

AngularJS Course on CodeSchool.com

The online course will help you to learn AngularJS by watching a number of videos. But the estimated length of the course does not exceed 5 hours. The entire course is divided into multiple levels. Each level includes a number of videos covering an important component of AngularJS. You can complete various free levels to learn important components of the JavaScript framework like built-in directives, forms, custom directives and services. You can even access advanced components after completing the basic modules.

AngularJS Tutorial on TutorialsTeacher.com

The course aims is designed for both beginners and professionals who are proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In addition to covering an important feature of AngularJS, each tutorial also includes practical examples. The learners even have option to execute the examples and see the output on their web browsers. You can opt for the online tutorial to learn important aspects of AngularJS like expression, directives, controller, scope, events, services, filters, modules, form, validation, routing and exception handling. However, you have to complete both basic and advanced levels to learn AngularJS elaborately.

The 10,000 Word Guide on Airpair.com

The online AngularJS tutorial is written by Todd Motto, Google Developer Expert and open source evangelist. The 10000 word guide helps beginners to learn various engineering concepts in JavaScript frameworks – MVC, two way data binding, dependency injection, single page application, and application structure. Also, it covers a number of important features of AngularJS including modules, scope, services, controllers, directives (core and custom), filters (core and custom), dynamic routing, form validation and server communication. You can consider reading the online guide to form an overview of AngularJS in a short amount of time.

A Simple Article on YearofMoo.com

You can always refer to the article on YearofMoo.com to understand various aspects of AngularJS. The article covers a number of important features of the JavaScript, while explaining how it works. In addition to describing web applications and MVC concept, the article covers important features of AngularJS like modules, expressions, bindings, routes, filters, models, views, controller, directives, and HTML5 mode. Also, the article will help you to learn how to integrate AngularJS with other JavaScript frameworks and libraries. However, the article may seem dated as it was originally posted in 2012.

On the whole, JavaScript developers can always opt for online tutorials to learn AngularJS at your own pace and convenience. You also have option to choose from a wide range of online AngularJS tutorials. But it is also important to hone your JavaScript development skill by learning AngularJS as a key component of MEAN stack. Also, you must consider learning some of the widely used AngularJS-based frameworks like Suave, QuantumUI, UI Bootstrap, PrimeNG, Angular UI Grid, and LumX.

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