Experience of Web & Database Testing Workshop

Knowledge as we know is not limited. We cannot say we have gained all the knowledge that we had to . Each day is a learning process, each person we meet we learn something from them, each work we do we learn something and the list is endless. And when it comes to our career , we would always want to have the best of our knowledge be it through learning , through training , etc.

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the 2 day workshop on Web and Database testing. Since the trainer was a senior industry veteran, with almost 20 years of experience, everyone was looking forward to attend and learn something new from the training. It was a 2 days training session with 25 QAs attending. There were many interesting topics covered in this session .

The workshop was kicked off with the solving of the puzzle by the trainer . This made all recharged.
Then it was the experience sharing of everyone present in the room, ranging from different types of projects that each worked on and the different types of testing techniques used. It was good to hear everyone sharing their experiences, some good and some similar to the experiences of yours.

Then we started off with the training – the actual knowledge gaining part. There were many new things that we learnt and there were topics on which we gained more knowledge on .

Some of the topics included are

  • Web Testing – Processes , taskset, checklists, different testing techniques
  • Agile Testing
  • Testing in Cloud
  • Mobile Application Testing- Challenges involved, devices and environments, accessibility, security and performance.

Database testing included topics like

  • Fundamentals
  • Understanding of different elements , data, data types and quality
  • Database design
  • Different phases of database testing
  • Security and Performance.

The trainer being a very experienced person , had great knowledge on the topics .The questions asked between the sessions , kept everyone alert .  The in-between questions by attendees on the different testing techniques that can be applied on the various projects they work was also an interesting part . It gave us knowledge on the types of testing that can be applied to projects of different domains.

In between the training we had another session – the puzzle solving session:). When the mind was saturated with all the knowledge gained , it was a good exercise to answer some non technical questions.

Overall it was a great learning experience . All those who attended the training have gained enough knowledge which would help them in improving their  testing process. Thanks to Mindfire for giving us an opportunity to attend such a useful training  and we look forward to attending many such training in future:)

Author – Nimmi Joseph

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