Taleha’s QA Dharma(TQDM)

 This is 10% luck
20% skill
15% concentrated power of will
5% pleasure
and 100 % reason to remember the name!

Indeed the team spirit of a QA & Developer laid proves to be the Rock of Gibraltar and reaps the flora and fauna of fruits of success that ricochet.


Here the architecture we lay is in the form of the SDLC/STLC where we work as a team of software developers & software QA testing professionals and that’s when life comes in full circle!

And while I write this…my mind is filled with more ideas of mix and matching so many aspects of daily life to that of a QA test engineer and perhaps the best reason being that since our birth we all have different ways of criticism and pointing out mistakes popularly known as BUGS in the testing terminology.

Any bug goes through a life cycle which keeps the two armies of developers and QA testing professionals on their toes…

What is bewildering is the fact that just like the phases of real life ( as in Vedic Ashrama System) , a tester actually walk-throughs them.

And here is the connection!

Bramacharya Ashram/Student Phase:

The celibate student time of the tester for getting acquainted with the application he is about to test in the present or future creating the foundations of his understanding of the project.

Grahasta Ashram/In-house Phase:

When the things theoretically read in a manual or just imagined, comes hands on.

This is when the developer and tester’s words-left-unsaid saga blooms and they walk hand in hand performing their duties judiciously defined as per the designation specs.

So while the QA receives the application/build for testing and he toggles his mindset to have a promising health check up known as Smoke testing and Installation testing, the developer is at the receiving end of his findings in the form of a mutually agreed upon treaty called THE BUG REPORT.

Vanaprastha Ashram/Hermitage Phase:

This is the time to shift focus and move towards the intricate details of the application and have an in depth sanity check.

You might find both the armies in this phase to be on a secluded mode from the complexities that can arise and simplify things, refraining from any possibility of any bug occurrence in their ways.

Sanyasa Ashram/Renunciation Phase:

This is the beating retreat segment of the tester when s/he is fully satisfied and contended with application and flashes a green flag to the developer to bid the application a safe departure to the end user.


So you thought that the story ends here and you reached denouement.

Think twice!

You are tuned to the subcontinent where miracles happen…and here is more to come…

Just like many of the melodramas incorporate it and the fascinating Indian Mythology religiously believes in it, how I can prove to be R.E.M and loose my religious traits.

We have a catch here and the x-factor comes into picture.


As the evanescence of the developer brings the tester back to life by introducing new features to the application so here is when maintenance testing comes into picture.

Change is inevitable. Of course things change with time so this is where the mighty tester’s role is reincarnated and he works upon the regression skills as well.



In a nutshell, the mutual team spirit of the QA & Developers walking on the egg shell of dichotomies make way to the rolling stones of excellent product delivery assurance and a promising client relationship afterglow In Excess.

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