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Introduction to Xamarin and ASP.NET vNext in Nepal


Two Mindfireans – Nirmal and Tadit – will be traveling to Kathmandu shortly, to speak at the DevTechDays event organized by Microsoft Innovation Center, Nepal on September 20 2014.


Nirmal will speak on “Jumpstart for Xamarin Forms”. Xamarin is an interesting way to write code in C# and have it run on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. http://www.xamarin.com

Tadit will speak on “Introduction to ASP.NET vNext”. ASP.NET vNext is the next generation of ASP.NET, in preview with some interesting stuff. http://www.asp.net/vnext

It is interesting how unexpected things come up, and that Mindfire is contributing in its own way to Nepal’s technology community and knowledge ramp-up. To celebrate their new opportunity and our new moment of pride, Nirmal and Tadit receive a Special Award of Rs 20,000 each!


Nirmal and Tadit: congratulations, best wishes and bon voyage!



What Have These Two People Done?!


Two Mindfireans recently achieved commendable personal milestones, and it inspires everyone around.

Saurabh Agarwal
Saurabh will be attending Mobile App Europe from September 29 to October 1, at Berlin, Germany. He will be presenting  on October 1 on “Tackling Fragmentation in the Mobile App World“.

Saurabh found out about the conference, discussed topics and prepared material. Saurabh’s interest, initiative and thought process, are admirable.

In recognition of his ability to think beyond the horizon, Mindfire is proud to announce a Special Award of Rs 50,000 for Saurabh. Congratulations and bon voyage, Saurabh!

Tadit Dash
Tadit will be attending Microsoft MVP Global Summit from November 3-6, at Bellevue and Redmond, Washington, USA.

We had earlier learnt about Tadit’s inspiring journey. As a Microsoft MVP, Tadit was invited for the annual MVP summit, a meeting place for MVPs from around the world.

In recognition of his exemplary contribution to knowledge, Mindfire is proud to announce Travel Sponsorship for Tadit to attend the summit. Congratulations and bon voyage, Tadit!


Saurabh and Tadit have that special interest, a passion for tech, a desire to excel, a desire to be recognized at the global level. At Mindfire, you would notice this quest for knowledge beyond business. Business creates limits, knowledge sets free.


Please join us in congratulating Saurabh and Tadit, and do join the journey of knowledge!

We make our own paths, even while we travel together.


Entry-level/Fresher Salary at Mindfire Solutions


(Update Sep 20:


Mindfire Solutions does NOT employ services of any external organization for our recruitment process, in any role at any stage. We do our OWN hiring COMPLETELY and nobody else – no placement consultant, no recruitment agent, no headhunting firm, no campus coordinator, nobody else at all – is involved in any way at all.

Please do not believe people making false promises to place you at Mindfire Solutions, or to get you an interview slot, or influence hiring in any way – and definitely do not pay anything for such claims. If you do believe and interact with them, it is at your own risk and loss. Mindfire Solutions is not responsible in any way for such interactions.)



Quietly, Mindfire has created one of the best packages for freshers, nationwide.

At Mindfire Solutions, we have always believed in providing industry-leading packages for talent. We have raised the bar in 2014 with a lucrative pay package and other elements that will surprise you.

1. Salary
Our uniform entry-level salary for all 2014 technical freshers is Rs 35,000 per month (Rs 4,20,000 per annum). All fixed, all guaranteed. This in itself is perhaps in the top 90%. Whoa! But wait – this is just salary. We have more!

2. Free Tablet
On the day you join, you take home a gift of a tablet (Apple iPad mini 3G or Samsung Galaxy Note 8) worth about Rs 30,000. It belongs to you. A nice little welcome to a new life.

3. Free Insurance
You and your parents/family are eligible for medical insurance, with annual premium up to Rs 6,000 paid by Mindfire, which generally gives you insurance coverage up to Rs 3 lakhs.

4. Free Lunch
For past 8 months, we have had free lunch at all our centers. We do not foresee discontinuation of this facility – people have been thrilled!

5. Zero Bonds
Mindfire is against bonds of any kind. We do not bind you with any bonds, disguised as “service contract” or any clever words. You can walk out at any time if you get a better option for your career/life (with a month’s notice). We wish you well.

6. Zero Deposit
There is no financial deposit of any kind. Neither a bank guarantee or anything. The only thing you need to give is your talent, your energy, your dedication. Everything else is for you to get.

7. Zero Bench
We will get you real work within 6 months of joining. You don’t have to sit idle on bench for 2-3 years, destroying your long-term career and future.

8. 100% Learning
You will learn by doing practical work. You will have active guidance and help and resources, and you will learn by doing and reading and discussing – not by being taught by someone. Being taught is passive, learning yourself is active – the chosen path for winners.

9. 100% Job Security
Mindfire has not had layoffs at any time in its history. Neither in the mega recession of 2000-2002, nor 2009-2010, nor at any other time ever. People are asked to leave only due to individual performance problems, and at 2% it is the lowest in industry. OK, let’s be direct: yes, if you have no interest in work and tech, we will ask you to leave.

10. 100% Stability
Mindfire is a self-funded organization with no bank loans or external debt or borrowing of any kind. We have hundreds of clients spread all over the globe in various industries, which diffuses risk factors and renders us an enviably strong and stable foundation. We have been continuously and comfortably profitable since 15 years.

11. 100% Software Development. Only.
Mindfire is a place for pure software development, nothing else. We do not do production support, technical support, and a zillion other types of work. We take up only work which is software development (programming and testing), so you will always get hardcore tech work only.


To Mindfireans: 11 is an odd number. Which item above should we cut (unimportant for freshers) so that it becomes 10? Or which other item can we add to make it a dozen?!

To Software Freshers: we love you if you love tech. As you can see above, Mindfire will give you a lot. The only thing you need to give is your talent and time. Do come on over and apply for the best IT/software jobs at http://www.mymindfire.in/AddMyProfile.aspx!

But shh, quiet. Don’t tell your friends where you found the best opportunity. Don’t tell them about Mindfire.




Testing at Mindfire

When in Testing do as the Testers do!!!

Its high time to bridge a gap between theoretical knowledge and real world implementation.
If you are new to testing domain and just trying googling out the real meaning and approach of testing below are few points which I feel will be handy for a beginner.

– Prepare test cases or a checklist for the project you are assigned in. Include all the test scenarios you can think of. Yes you are thinking right!


P.S. All the positive and negative scenarios. 🙂

For beginners – Test a simple ’email log in’ page!
What all scenarios you guys can think of!Yes you are going on right track.. whatever weired comes to your mind..Just do not stop playing around.

P.S. Let the application crash!!! 🙂

– Start performing tests , find and report bugs but hang on always remember there’s no end to bugs i.e. you can never say ‘This application is bug free’!!

P.S. Cant help it! 🙁

– Step into Customer’s shoes ; feel like a lay man and you will b amazed to see the number of bugs you come across.

P.S. Do not end up stepping on toes! 🙁

– Be Creative in your approach ; while writing test cases or preparing a check list. Do not assume.

P.S. Assumptions is the mother of all mistakes! 😉

– Start Suggesting ; Dig into the details and get to know the product’s functionality and general behaviour. This will enable you to add value and suggest new features and enhancements to your product.

P.S. A smart move it is! 😉

Last but not the least..

– Follow Processes ; Stick to the organisation standards and guidelines and process of testing.

P.S. Follow the process and find as many bugs you can..after all we are a part of QA!! 🙂

Happy Testing!!! 😀

Author – Anisha Nayak

Understanding Various Cultures

How to overcome cross-cultural issues in global software outsourcing?

Software outsourcing has been a booming business since 1990’s. The reason being reduced cost, access to wide range of labor markets and improved performance. Today lot of software development occurs at offshore locations as companies get plenty of resource at low cost. Most software development vendors place small teams at client locations to smoothly execute projects. This may sometimes be troublesome if the person does not have some understanding of the country’s culture. Some particular societies tend to have distinct ways of working, and this may lead to cross-cultural issues while attempting collaboration or may sometimes lead to project failure. To avoid project failure  cross-cultural issues may be handled efficiently.

Continue reading How to overcome cross-cultural issues in global software outsourcing?


Avoid Offshore Outsourcing IT Project failure!

In today’s world, technology can be influential in bringing nations together and on the adverse can destroy nations. Businesses these days are taking advantage of it to manage work across geographical boundaries and as a result minimizing their cost and effort. This is what is coined as the term “Outsourcing”. Though there are some worries in offshore software development work, still it is a widely accepted phenomenon by a majority of companies.

The topic of outsourcing continues to grab headlines irrespective of success or failure of offshore outsourcing projects. Companies have mixed response when it comes to feedback on their working experience with outsourced companies. Some companies might have had very good experience working with outsourced companies whereas others might have faced failure. Reasons may be many but identifying one or even a group of reasons is a tough task and sometimes impossible. A number of contributing factors cumulatively result in Offshore Outsourcing IT projects to fail. Some of the generic factors might be improper planning, ineffective management, inaccurate estimates or unclear objectives. But, apart from these, projects fail for some other minor but very influential factors such as communication, infrastructure complexity, culture and sometimes labor division. Let us discuss each of these minor factors to avoid mistakes and as a result avoid project failure.

Communication: We know that communication alone does not only mean language. While dealing with different teams across different geographies, it is obvious that communication would undergo other major challenges like time zones, location, distance etc. All these should be managed properly before the start of an offshore outsourcing project. Anybody dealing with an outsourcing project should previously finalize upon the modes and mechanism of communicating. By this I mean that, whether e-mails/Skype calls/video conferencing is sufficient or do they need daily status reports and other online facilities to monitor.

Infrastructure: A very important aspect of offshore outsourcing project is infrastructure. This not only includes physical presence but other underlying factors like facilities & hardware. The companies outsourcing needs to ensure that all the team members have adequate tools and access required to complete the work. Hence, they need to make sure that all issues related to privacy, licensing, intellectual property rights and trade agreements are sorted out.

Culture: Culture is an under-estimated factor for project failure but, it is very subtle and can affect offshore outsourcing projects to a great extent. Work culture is different in different countries. Hence it is imperative that, every organization should be fully aware of the outsourced location and its culture. Properly managing culture would definitely yield a successful project. One always needs to understand how people in different cultures behave to work with them as work attitude may differ from one culture to the other.

Labor Division: Sometimes work is divided among various outsourced companies by the offshore company in order to reduce money. But doing so will not reduce your pain. Instead, it will affect the project’s success, increase worries and also affect long term relationship. Evaluating companies based on their strengths and weaknesses irrespective of the price is rather a better and less risky way of allocating work.

In my knowledge, these factors are the most under-rated ones but are highly effective while deciding upon a project’s future apart from the other mentioned points of improper planning, ineffective management, inaccurate estimates and unclear objectives. Hence, these should not be neglected and taken care of prior to outsourcing a project.


Author – Suryakant Behera


Learning @ Live 360! (10-14 Dec 2012) Orlando, FL

Attending Live 360! Conference in Orlando, FL provided me a great opportunity to learn a lot about Microsoft technologies.  Mindfire Solutions has a unique CTC program under which I got the opportunity to attend this international event. It was a 5 day pure technical event where various workshops and sessions on different Microsoft technologies took place. This conference targetted not only Visual Studio track but also various other tracks like SQL server, Cloud etc, so people (speakers/audience) from various roles like developer, DBAs, IT management etc could get together and share experience and knowledge.

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Effective Tools to manage your Social Media efforts

Continuing with my previous post about managing social media during busy office hours, I am writing this post to make readers understand how social media tools can be used to reduce time effort and thus  effectively manage social media sites.

Let us start with a simple task. Have you integrated your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter accounts yet? These are considered to be widely used platforms and presence in these sites will help you gain that extra mileage. Check your account settings and integrate these sites today. Continue reading Effective Tools to manage your Social Media efforts


Experience @ MS SharePoint Conference 2012, Las Vegas

Srikanta As a SharePoint developer, attending SharePoint Conference 2012 in Las Vegas from 12-15Nov 2012, was a unique opportunity to hear from experts from Microsoft and around the world, share their experience and knowledge on various aspects SharePoint 2013. . There were around 10,000 people from 85 countries attending the conference. As a Microsoft partner and one of the earliest companies to offer SharePoint development solutions, Mindfire Solutions made sure that we attend the conference and arranged for everything we needed. I really had a good time and an unforgettable Vegas experience.

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Managing social media is easy during busy office hours

There has been a sudden rise in the number of social sites recently. The reason being, it’s acceptance by individuals as well as businesses and the fact that people are getting social. Most of the readers must have registered at multiple sites. But, the usage would be restricted to a limited number of sites. This is solely because of the fact that people do not get enough time to visit every site and update the same status everywhere. Taking time out from busy schedules and updating every site looks like a tedious task to them. Hence, most people update their Facebook page only and leave the rest. The status update is effective when it reaches to people worldwide. Continue reading Managing social media is easy during busy office hours