Application for managing electrical projects and resources

Executive Summary

This is an application designed to run both on desktop and iPad. This application is designed for an electrical company to create electrical bids by gathering information and calculating and comparing the cost and manage the employee work after that bid get converted to active jobs. Various modules of this project are Crew, Unit, Bid, Job, Timesheet, Survey, Scheduling, Change Order, Email and reports.

In the crew module user creates crew by adding employees, equipments and tools. In the unit module the user keeps a list of all the units which are basically work types. For each unit the user assigned a crew and all the information gets attached to the unit.

In the bid the user adds all the required units from the unit table to the location table. After the user adds all the locations the cost related to each location gets evaluated according to the client specified logic. Additional costs and other information can also be added. Then the user converts a bid to an active job in the job module. In the job page the user can schedule the locations for different days. The user can compare the cost for scheduled location for each day.

In the timecard the user can add the employees and equipment by selecting a crew and also the locations scheduled for that day gets added. The user can enter the work details for the locations and all the costs and bill to the location and crew gets calculated automatically and also the location status gets updated in the job page(which list out all the location details). In the change order module, the user can add the extra works or locations that are missed in the bid module. User can also calculate the estimate cost and billing amount by adding the employee and equipment to this module. This module can also be added to the timesheet table.

In the survey module the user can store the data regarding the survey for a location and can generate reports on it. There are also features like sending emails and generating reports, job status reports and invoices.

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