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We leverage modern healthcare tech stacks and platforms to build custom solutions that are highly secure and scalable. Enabling varied stakeholders to recognize tangible cost efficiencies, optimized workflows, and enhanced care outcomes.

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for Healthcare Advancement

Specialists in custom healthcare software development services, we engineer highly interoperable solutions that facilitate medical workflows, administrative tasks and patient care.

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Clinical Care: EMR-EHR, PHR, Decision Support System, LIMS
Remote Care & Monitoring: Telehealth, Telemedicine, Patient Portal, Chronic Health, Management, Patient Engagement
MHealth: Enterprise and Consumer
Interoperability: Provider, Payer, Patient, HIE
Finance: Billing, Claims Handling, Payer Integration
ELearning: Patient Education, CME, LMS, Social Learning
Consumer Portal: Provider-search, Online Medical Stores
Administration: PMS, CPOE, Care Co-ordination, HIS, Sensor-based Tracking
Building Blocks: Cloud Computing, AI, ML, Blockchain, AR, VR, IoMT
Billing solution interface with Medical Clearinghouses: Zirmed
EMR Interface with 3rd-party Billing Solutions
EHR Integration with Health Information Networks: Surescripts, HCA
Bi-directional interfaces with Labs: Cerner, LabCorp, Quest
eRX integration: Surescripts, MDscripts
Drug Database integration: FDB
Pharmacy-EHR integration: Allscripts
Interface Engines: Lyniate Rhapsody, NextGen Connect, Mirth Connect, Cloverleaf
Cloud Platforms: Salesforce Health Cloud, Azure for Healthcare, Google Health, Apple health
Virtual Primary Care with Real-time Interaction
Clinical Integration of Patient generated health data
Digitization & Secure Exchange of Patient data
Care coordination: In and Out-of-Network
Remote Monitoring and Care
Wearable Technology for Diagnostics, Therapeutics & Tracking
Tracking of Activity, Diet, Fitness, Weight & other vitals
AI-powered Systems: Digital Assistants, Chatbots, NLP, IVR
Patient Education, Engagement & Decision Making


PHP, .NET, JavaScript, Python, RoR, Filemaker


iOS, Android, React Native, Flutter, Xamarin
Service Handling

Service Handling

WCF, Rest, JSON, SOAP, AWS API, APNs, Window Services


MSSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, AWS Dynamo DB, MongoDB


AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud

Depth of knowledge in healthcare and strong software engineering capabilities enable us to develop solutions which are meaningful.

Healthcare Software Systems Development
Quality Assurance & Testing
Interoperability solutions
BI & reporting
Web 2.0 Capabilities : Social networking, Blogs, Wikis, Community
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Why choose our healthcare software development company

Why Us?

Awareness of regulatory mandates : HIPAA, CCHIT
Hands-on experience in following standards: FHIR, HIPAA, C-CDA, DICOM, SNOMED CT
Ability to develop tightly integrated & interoperable systems
Strong exposure to domain and constituent workflows
What advantages does custom healthcare software development services offer to providers?
Custom Healthcare software development services offer healthcare providers numerous advantages. These include improved patient care through efficient management of medical records, streamlined administrative processes, enhanced data accuracy, and better communication among healthcare professionals. These services also support regulatory compliance, enable telemedicine capabilities, and provide data analytics for informed decision-making. All this ultimately leads to increased operational efficiency and better patient outcomes.
What are the challenges in healthcare app development, and how are they addressed?
Healthcare app development has many challenges: stringent regulatory compliances like HIPAA, data privacy and security, interoperability with existing healthcare systems, and a seamless user experience across different devices and platforms. These challenges are addressed through careful planning, robust security measures, adherence to health data standards, integration with interoperability frameworks like FHIR, and rigorous testing to ensure compliance and usability.
How do we address data security and regulatory compliance concerns?
Our healthcare software development services uphold industry standards like HIPAA and GDPR. Our development processes include data encryption, secure coding practices, and regular security audits. Our team is trained in the latest security protocols and regulatory mandates, and we perform risk assessments and compliance-checks throughout the development process. We use advanced technologies like blockchain and AI for added security. Our collaborative approach with clients ensures tailored solutions that meet specific regulatory requirements, delivering secure and compliant healthcare solutions.
What criteria should companies consider when selecting a healthcare software development company?
Factors that are critical include the company's experience and expertise in healthcare software development, a proven track record in delivering successful projects within the healthcare domain. Adherence to security and compliance standards like HIPAA and GDPR is crucial to safeguard patient data and maintain regulatory compliance. Utilization of cutting-edge technologies for innovation enables the development of advanced solutions that meet the evolving needs of the industry. The ability to provide customized healthcare solutions tailored to specific requirements ensures alignment with the client's unique challenges and goals. Moreover, a commitment to quality, reliability, effective communication, support, scalability, and competitive pricing are essential components to consider for a successful partnership.

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