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We have a group of accomplished developers with deep proficiency in RoR programming, its rich framework and built-in tools. Get engaging and modern applications powered by secure and scalable backend systems.

With over a decade of rich experience in Ruby on Rails, we can help shape up your next big idea in record time and cost-effectively.


Enterprise App Development
Custom Web and Mobile App Development
Social Networking Apps, Blogs, Widgets
Web Services with API Integration
Microservices-based Applications with single Sign-on
SaaS-based systems
RoR development services

Tech Building Blocks


Ruby on Rails (RoR)

SOA, SPA, SSR, MPA, Serverless, Microservice

UI Frameworks
React JS, Angular, Vue.js, Ext JS

PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB

Message Queue
RabbitMQ. Sidekiq, Resque, Redis

Rspec, Swagger, CircleCI, Jenkins, Rubocop, RubyCritic, RubyMine, Capistrano

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What criteria should businesses consider when selecting a Ruby on Rails development company?
Businesses should prioritize a partner's expertise, portfolio, team, communication, pricing, and flexibility. Evaluating the company's experience and proficiency in Ruby on Rails development through their portfolio and client testimonials is crucial. Next is to access the team's skills to ensure they can effectively meet project requirements. Consider factors such as communication, project management approach, flexibility, and the ability to deliver within budget and timelines. Additionally, inquire about post-launch support and maintenance services for long-term success.
Which other web development technologies does Mindfire Solutions specialize in?
At Mindfire, we excel in delivering cutting-edge web solutions by leveraging the latest advancements in both front-end and back-end technologies. On the front end, our expertise spans HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, utilizing powerful frameworks and libraries like React.js, Angular, and Vue.js to build dynamic and responsive user interfaces. In the realm of back-end development, our skills encompass robust technologies such as Node.js, Python, PHP, Java, and .NET, complemented by popular frameworks like Express.js, Django, Laravel, Spring, and ASP.NET Core. We also integrate seamlessly with databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB, ensuring that our web applications are not only feature-rich but also scalable and performant. Our comprehensive approach to web development ensures that we deliver solutions tailored to meet diverse business needs and technological demands.
What are the tangible benefits of working with Mindfire Solutions?
We specialize in doing offshore-based, custom software development and testing work. We have been doing this since 1999, and for over 500+ global clients till now. They are majorly Tech enterprises for whom we have predominantly built software products. As their one-stop, end-to-end solution provider, we have successfully delivered for them on 1000+ projects. Our reliability, stability and resilience have enabled us to win their confidence over the years. It reflects in the fact that every big client of ours has worked with us for a minimum of 5 years.
What are the industries Mindfire has exposure in?
Some of the major industries we have particularly developed custom solutions for include Healthcare, Retail and Ecommerce, Education and Elearning, Transportation and Logistics, Publishing and Finserv.
How secure are your data and IP Rights?
The sole ownership of any IP created or improved upon, during the course of the oursourcing engagement, lies with our customers. This is the default and holds true for all our projects, unless otherwise stated in the outsourcing agreement with a customer. We follow the industry best practices for successful source code handover in all our projects. Besides that, all the employees are bound by a contract that holds them accountable for any breach of information or misconduct affected or induced by them. The contract is comprehensive and covers a range of areas that include: Data Privacy, IPR, and Software Use.
We are also ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified. It comprises of a set of policies and procedures that ensure efficient management and adequate protection of all sensitive information and supporting infrastructure.

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Mindfire provides end-to-end software solutions to meet the IT and digital needs of companies across all major industries. From startups to SMEs and large enterprises, our services are aimed at enhancing efficiency, stepping-up business growth and improving our client's digital presence.

By entrusting your Ruby Development Project to Mindfire’s Team, you will leverage our flexible engagement models and vast experience in leading-edge tech-stacks, platforms and domains.