Success Stories

These are narratives that showcase the tangible benefits and positive outcomes experienced by our customers as a result of leveraging our services. Customer success stories feature real-life examples of challenges experienced by our customers, and the specific ways in which their pain points were addressed. We have highlighted, in each case, the transformative impact of our custom business solutions.

PMS Billing Insurance Integration

PMS Billing Insurance Integration

A healthcare professional found an efficient solution to automate billing and insurance processes.
Reptile Shipping Solution

Reptile Shipping Solution

A seasoned animal breeder harnessed technology to address the shipping challenges associated with reptiles.
Smart Card for Pocket Money

Smart Card for Pocket Money

A tech-savvy parent discovered a smart solution to overseeing allowances given to children.
Managing High Risk Patients - Testing

Managing High Risk Patients

A healthcare provider discovered a solution to identify high-risk patients promptly, ensuring they receive immediate attention.
Multistore Gift card

Multistore Gift Card

A business owner leveraged the right web technology to create a platform to manage and expand her gift card business.
Platform for location Intelligence

Platform For Location Intelligence

A visionary real estate developer adeptly harnessed data-driven insights to offer innovative solutions for effective city planning.

Enhancing Publishing Workflows

A renowned publishing company implemented a robust solution to boost operational efficiency, enabling seamless scalability.

E-Wallet Application Solution

A busy young professional discovered a secure wealth management platform to help her manage her savings and increase its worth with time.

Managing Cost of Treatment

A healthcare provider leveraged technology to manage administrative tasks, prioritizing the delivery of quality patient care.
Alexa Skill implementation for a Gazette

Alexa Skill implementation for a Gazette

A popular newspaper publisher adapted to the changing times by embracing technology, and introducing an Alexa skill for their weekly newspaper.

Business Networking And Referral Platform

An entrepreneur successfully built a platform to revolutionize the way business professionals network and exchange referrals.
Collaborative Platforms-for Travelers

Collaborative Platforms For Travellers

An avid traveler found a way to overcome the challenge of having limited information about tourist destinations, accommodations, and dining options.
Wound Management App

Wound Management Application

A healthcare professional found the perfect solution to document patients' wound information.
Marketplace for Tutors

Marketplace for Tutors

A holistic solution that offers an online marketplace to connect tutors and students.
Print Management Application

Print Management Application

An veteran finds a way to successfully scale his printing business against all odds.
Healthcare Ecommerce

From Bricks to the Cloud

A nutraceutical store owner successfully broke the shackles of mortar to embrace ecommerce.

Geospatial Targeting App

Using beacons, a retailer succeeded in pushing "promotion" notifications to entice visitors passing by.

Chiropractic PMS

A competent chiropractor learnt to infuse efficiency in his clinic in order to delight his patients.
Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

A content agency owner discovered the mighty impact of Influencers in promoting businesses.
Remote Medical Consulting

Remote Medical Consulting

A physician became an early adopter and succeeded in remotely managing a chronic disease.
Media Solutions

Media Marketing Solutions

An astute media consultant brought precision in her work while scaling up her business.
Eyewear Ecommerce

Eyewear Ecommerce Website

An old eyewear store overhauled its dated business model to stay competitive.
Gasoline Container

Gasoline Transportation

A niche transportation company rose to the challenges of business expansion.
Warehouse order management

Warehouse Order Management

Building capabilities to serve well an omnichannel customer base.