Success Stories

These are narratives that showcase the tangible benefits and positive outcomes experienced by our customers as a result of leveraging our services. Customer success stories feature real-life examples of challenges experienced by our customers, and the specific ways in which their pain points were addressed. We have highlighted, in each case, the transformative impact of our custom business solutions.

From Bricks to the Cloud

A nutraceutical store owner successfully broke the shackles of mortar to embrace ecommerce.

Geospatial Targeting App

Using beacons, a retailer succeeded in pushing "promotion" notifications to entice visitors passing by.

Chiropractic PMS

A competent chiropractor learnt to infuse efficiency in his clinic in order to delight his patients.

Influencer Marketing

A content agency owner discovered the mighty impact of Influencers in promoting businesses.

Remote Medical Consulting

A physician became an early adopter and succeeded in remotely managing a chronic disease.

Media Marketing Solutions

An astute media consultant brought precision in her work while scaling up her business.

Eyewear Ecommerce Website

An old eyewear store overhauled its dated business model to stay competitive.

Gasoline Transportation

A niche transportation company rose to the challenges of business expansion.

Warehouse Order Management

Building capabilities to serve well an omnichannel customer base.