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Cloud Platforms

We help to transform business functions and make enterprises more agile. By partnering with us, you can harness the power of all major Cloud Platforms to maximize your gains.

Address critical security issues, drive innovation, and lay the foundation for a robust digital enterprise by developing solutions that truly draw the best out of numerous Cloud Platform offerings.


Cloud Strategy and Consulting

Help organizations become more agile and maximize ROI.

Transformation strategy & planning
Cloud readiness assessment
Migration assessment
Multi-cloud roadmap and strategy
Solution provisioning

Cloud Application Development

Develop cloud based applications to improve app performance, security with easy scalability.

Legacy Application Modernization
Containerization and Orchestration
Serverless Computing
Auto Scaling and Load Balancing
DevOps and CI/CD
Cloud Monitoring and Management
Security and Compliance
Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Accelerate cloud adoption journey with cloud migration services.

Data Migration : could include files, database or entire data center.
Application Migration : might also involve migrating the data and database.
Infrastructure Migration : it includes servers (VMs, containers), networking (load balancer, firewall, etc.), and storage.
Rehosting (Lift and Shift) : no significant changes
Replatform (Lift, Tinker, and Shift) : minor modifications while keeping the core architecture relatively unchanged.
Refactor (Re-architect) : significant changes in order to leverage cloud-native features.
Retire: Retire the application and replace with cloud native.

Hybrid and multi cloud

Design and develop applications across private and public cloud environment.

Containerize monolithic applications and bring cloud experience to non-cloud native apps.
Cloud APplication Development

Our Case Studies

Some of the exceptional ideas we made our clients bring to life.

Industry Solutions

Retail & Transportation

Remote Warehouse Management

Access to live inventory across warehouses. E.g. Inventory view based on Sensor/RFID, Pickups based on location to maximize margins, track real time orders, delays, ETA.

Efficient Inventory Management:

Manage stock updates real time with data stored on cloud to improve operational efficiency. E.g. Stock restoration alerts.

Supply Chain Operations:

Improve operational parameters by processing real time data.

Loyalty Program Management:

Unified view of customers across multiple stores which help to drive customer engagement and digital promotions.

Omni channel Order Fulfillment:

Leverage Omni channel to fulfill customer orders faster which leads to improved user experience.

API Management:

Integrate solutions with APIs to provide unified experience to users.


Collaborative Applications:

Ensure access to remote learning with customized solutions.

ELearning Platform:

Build secure and scalable applications with data hosted on cloud. It enables users to log in and access uploaded data from instructors.

Financial Services

With the need of Fintech/Finserv companies to scale and deliver solutions cost efficiently, it has become essential to build solutions with cloud. It helps to build a robust digital foundation, enhance IT Security and embrace the platform approach.

Open Banking:

Improve user experience with new digital services enabled with APIs.

Self Service Applications:

Deliver solutions quickly with Self Service Applications on cloud.

Operations Management:

Track branch KPIs and information real time with cloud enabled applications.


Develop applications to capture data points, document safety, and digital signature capabilities to make the lending process hassle free.

Wealth Management:

Streamline client onboarding process with KYC to enhance relationship building.


Integrate cloud solutions with leading insurance systems to deliver solutions like agency management systems, Omni channel services, billing and claim etc.


Cloud computing takes the center stage in healthcare industry to deliver effective care, drive collaboration and improve business processes.

Clinical Applications:

Develop HIPAA Compliant solutions to aid physicians and nurses to provide continuous care.

Patient Management Applications:

Develop solutions to ensure applications which help patients stay connected with caregivers, streamline scheduling processes, and improve patient engagement and marketing.


Unified view of healthcare data helps to track insights, improve patient experience.

Data Interoperability:

Develop cloud based EHR Solutions with medical health data in cloud to improve savings and enhance scalability.

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