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AI & Machine Learning

AI adoption leads to Revenue Increase and Cost reduction in business functions while driving transformational changes at the Enterprise level. Application of ML on data sets leads to superior predictions and recommendations.

In order to compete in a fast-paced digital environment, companies need effective execution to generate significant value out of AI. Numerous project experiences have made us aware of what it takes to execute AI implementation successfully at reduced development costs and timelines.

How can we Assist?

Organizations that deal with high volumes of complex data deploy solutions with ML Algorithms to help can capture lasting value, derive competitive benefits, and gain bottom-line impact in their businesses. We develop solutions ground up or modify as need be. Contact us if your need is to:

Drive Automation
Modernize and Optimize Processes
Derive Actionable Business Insights
PoC -> Pilot -> Scale up

Our Approach

Identify Business Problem

Reimagine the process end-to-end with the technology

Collect and Prepare Data

Model Development and Training

Evaluate Model’s Performance

Optimize and Implement


Sentiment Analysis

Identify social media comments and categorize them as positive, negative or neutral to track brand value.

Semantic Analysis

Cluster data elements based on likeness rather than classifications which helps to identify valuable information about the product.

Purchase Intent

Calculate purchase intent based on analysis of factors like consumer demographics, engagement, past interactions etc.

Personality Match

Predict the suitability of Influencers to promote a company’s products by factoring in their personalities, values, social information, demonstrated language & emotions.

Image Matching

Identify correspondence between images with a content/context-based matching.

Resume Analysis

Extract key information from a candidate’s resume into a dashboard for quicker evaluation.

Voice Bot for Task Tracking

Automate timely follow-ups with vendors/contractors and reduce human dependency.

Deep Image Matting

Extract foreground data with precision and save the time on manual work that otherwise comes with using tools to achieve the same.

Patient Readmission Risk

Predict the risk of readmission for a patient + provider combination using time-based ADT data and some statistical information on provider.

Chatbot for Engaging Candidates

Conversational platform to induce human like interactions with candidates keen to know more about the company and job openings.

Platform & Technology

Programming Languages
Python, R, Java / JS, Go, C/C++, Julia, Lisps

Oracle Database, MindsDB, MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis, Microsoft SQL, Postgre SQL, MySQL

Tensor Flow, Apache Spark, PyTorch, scikit – learn, Spark ML, Keras

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Mindfire provides a full-stack solution responding to the IT and digital needs of any company. From startups to grownups and market leaders, our services are aimed at increasing business growth and improving our client's digital presence.

By entrusting your Java Development Project to Mindfire’s Team, you will leverage our flexible engagement models and vast experience in leading-edge tech-stacks, platforms and domains.