Our Policies

We set high ethical standards in all areas of our operations. People@Mindfire are instructed to uphold exemplary standards of integrity and responsibility at work.

Agreement with Clients
Mindfire signs with all its clients a reciprocal, non-disclosure-agreement with confidentiality clauses. For every work undertaken, all copyrights, work rights, and IPs are owned by the client. While certain sections of the agreement are standardised, there is flexibility to include points and clauses that are deemed necessary, obligatory and acceptable to both the parties on a case-to-case basis.
Exclusive Client – Employee Agreement
We facilitate requests from clients demanding an additional exclusive agreement with our employees assigned to their work. This is done only in those cases where the client perceives it as an absolute necessity, and intends to include aspects beyond the purview of the agreement it otherwise has with Mindfire Solutions. Also, measures are taken to ensure that such agreements put forth no contractual stipulations to bind the employees to the clients for any period of time.
Agreement with Employees
All the employees of Mindfire Solutions, irrespective of the nature of their employment (permanent, contractual, internship) are mandatorily bound by a contract that holds them accountable for any breach of information or misconduct affected or induced by them. The contract is comprehensive and covers a range of areas that include: Data Privacy, IPR, Software Use and Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy.

For projects that we undertake, we make certain that only 100% full-time employees are engaged. There are no part-timers/contractors/interns used unless our clients make a specific demand for one.

Mindfire has also implemented the ISMS Policy across the organization. It comprises of a set of policies and procedures that ensure efficient management and adequate protection of all sensitive information and supporting infrastructure. This includes information assets critical to the operation of the business used within the office locations, and the associated external information assets belonging to customers, suppliers and business partners. This translates into 24x7 physical office-securities, denial of external storage devices into the premises and strict monitoring of our networks.

The implementation of this policy safeguards against any possibility of sensitive information getting leaked to unauthorized people; either by mistake or through some deliberate act. It is a testimony of the Organization’s continued commitment to maintain and improve its Information Security measures, data privacy, and provide the necessary confidence to all our stakeholders on business continuity with Mindfire Solutions.