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A technological breakthrough capable of altering business models, Blockchain can be configured to serve a wide range of requirements across various industries. There are significant opportunities for digital businesses, both large and small, from its implementation.

If your concerns revolve around secure data-sharing across multiple stakeholders, digitization, better collaboration, and eventually, realization of some transformative goals, we can custom build Blockchain solutions suitable for your needs.


Blockchain’s influence as the underlying technology capable of propelling revolutionary changes is growing by the days. However, its impact has not been uniform across industries. Some have been found to be inherently suited to its implementation. The distinctive value proposition has been felt more in certain functions.



Organizations deploying Blockchain solutions can gain stellar capabilities, overcome cumbersome practices, and bring about radical alterations in their business models. We develop solutions ground up or modify as need be, allowing our customers to explore new ways to create value. Reach out to us if you desire to:

Build Custom Blockchain Apps
Overhaul your Enterprise Business Processes
Define your Unique Blockchain Infrastructure
Use in-house Tools supported by top companies
Keep your Data private on Blockchain platforms
Use a System that can’t be Hacked
Use third-party open-source Tools/Packages
Build a Prototype Quickly

Our Approach

Proof Of Concept

Ascertain feasibility of idea
Potential in real life situations


Incorporate fundamental features
Finalize core functionality


Deliver and measure value proposition
Receive Feedback

Industry Use Cases

Cross-Blockchain Asset Transfer

Build solutions with Polkadot to achieve cross chain interoperability and scalability.

Blockchain enabled IOT Solutions

Secure IoT Data with private Blockchain network to ensure tamper free transactions.

Smart Contract

Develop programs to automate the execution of a contract without any intermediary. Ex. Smart contracts on Ethereum triggers a crypto payment.

Blockchain Abstraction Middleware

Shield enterprise users from backend complexities to focus on building solutions and delivering value to end users.

Loyalty Program

Introduce Loyalty Programs to reduce cost, build a secure environment and enable a frictionless system.

Private Blockchain

Create private Blockchain to control access to platform and enable faster transactions and efficient governance.


Create one of a kind Non Fungible Token to develop unique digital assets that cannot be replaced.

Fake News Prevention

Prevent fake news by authenticating audio and video content with Blockchain.

API Testing

Ensure efficient interactions between applications in Blockchain ecosystem and help to format and operate requests/responses.

Smart Contracts Testing

Detailed testing of business logic, workflow requirements and identification of loopholes.

Platform & Technology

Solution Architecture
Choice of Platform, Deployment Strategy

Platform Solutions
Ethereum Smart Contracts and dApps, Customized cross-industry Blockchain Tools and Apps using Hyperledger

Smart contract audit and testing, End-to-end dApps Testing

Programming Languages
Ethereum/EOS: Solidity, C++, Hyperledger: Java, Golang, Interfacing with Node: Python, Golang, JavaScript, TypeScript

Ethereum, Hyperledger, EOS, Polkadot, Tezos, Stellar

SDK & Tools
EOS SDK , Remix(IDE), Truffle, Ganache, Metamask, Infura, Web3.js, ethers.js

Igniting Ideas

To Solutions

Mindfire has the technological expertise to serve the IT and Digital needs of companies. Our services are aimed at enabling them to realize their business goals and outperform their competition.

By entrusting your Software Development needs to Mindfire’s Team, you leverage our vast experience in cutting-edge tech-stacks, platforms and industries.