AI Powered Chatbot

Executive Summary

The project aimed to improve the user experience on some government websites by streamlining and simplifying the process of addressing user queries, which were highly time-consuming up until then. It is typical for government websites to be comprehensive in terms of the information they share. With this project, the goal was to minimize the time that gets consumed in accessing any required information in these websites; leading to a more seamless and efficient experience for the users.

About our Client

Client : Confidential

Location: USA

Industry: Software


  • React: Training app and chatbot front end
  • Python: Backend application
  • MariaDB: Database
  • IIS: Web server
  • Uvicorn: Application Server
  • GitLab: Source code management
  • ChatGPT: OpenAI’s ChatGPT model for data analysis and prompt processing etc.
ai powered chatbot