License Management in Healthcare App

Executive Summary

One of our clients from the Healthcare industry had a specific requirement to enhance their VR Healthcare Application. They wanted to implement a robust solution for content licensing and user license management. Determined to implement these features, the company sought the expertise of Mindfire, a renowned technology solutions provider. To meet the requirements, our team developed two distinct web applications: the Customer Portal and the Admin Portal.

The Customer Portal was designed to provide an intuitive platform for users to efficiently manage their licenses. Through this portal, customers can easily access and manage their VR rehab video licenses, granting them seamless and on-demand usage of the content. In parallel, the Admin Portal was created to empower administrators with comprehensive oversight of the entire customer base and their respective licenses. This centralized view enables administrators to efficiently manage licenses, track usage patterns, and ensure compliance with licensing agreements.

About our Client

Client : Confidential

Location: Australia

Industry: Healthcare


Java, Spring Boot, ReactJS, Next.js, Microservices Architecture, REST, AWS, Jenkins, Strapi CMS, Stripe, Xero, SendGrid, PLSQL, MYSQL

License Management in Health App