Application to assist Elderly Care

Executive Summary

The aging population brings forth challenges for families in the form of responsibilities to look after their needs and wellbeing as they grow more dependent on others with time. ¬†This becomes even more challenging with evolving family structures and physical distance between them. In order to address this phenomenon, we have built an innovative software platform. Its primary aim is to foster seamless communication, coordination, and collaboration amongst family members engaged in caregiving for their elderly. This case study delves into the development process of the platform, highlights key features, and showcases the application’s real-world impact.

About our Client

Client : Confidential

Location: USA

Industry: Healthcare


Backend: Node.js, Serverless Framework, GraphQL, AWS DynamoDB, AWS Cognito, AWS AppSync, AWS Chime
Frontend: HTML, CSS, Angular, TypeScript, AWS Cognito, AWS AppSync, AWS Amplify.
SCM: AWS CodeCommit.
Cloud: AWS

Elderly Care App