Marketplace for Clinical Research Sites

Executive Summary

This app is an innovative marketplace that revolutionizes the partnership between clinical research sites and sponsors. It serves as a comprehensive platform where research sites can showcase crucial information including site details, principal investigator profiles, and a rich repository of past study records. With Research Management, sponsors gain access to a powerful search and browsing functionality, allowing them to efficiently collect and analyze data from multiple research sites. The platform streamlines the process of reaching out and connecting with suitable research sites, fostering seamless collaboration and driving the advancement of clinical research. Research Management is a catalyst for empowering successful partnerships and accelerating breakthroughs in the healthcare industry.

Our platform caters specifically to biopharma sponsors, offering them access to a network of exceptional research sites that align with their needs while providing valuable education on the benefits of our platform.

About our Client

Client : Confidential

Location: US, Canada

Industry: Healthcare


Spring Boot, React JS, MySQL, Docker, Google Cloud Platform, Firebase, Java 11

Clinical Research Marketplace