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Executive Summary

Designed and implemented an online platform to allow media agencies to create campaigns, find and book assets for clients. This system allows to search from millions of assets based on multiple filter criteria like environment, format, location and several other parameters.

The application allows media agencies to manage organization users, teams, roles and permissions. Users can login online and can manage campaigns. Each campaign consists of pulses. A pulse can be of digital, hybrid, classic or package. The user can search assets using multiple filter criteria and reserve assets for clients. The system allows multiple status to work with assets booking like universe, planned, reserved, booked etc. Implemented complex logic to find assets in proximity to locations called point of interest. It also allows dispersion with user defined distance range. The system has custom algorithm to find and auto suggest assets to user based on budget and unit required by client. Implemented price profiles to allow for managing distinct rates for clients and groups. Implemented interface to allow organization user to upload assets. Implemented message queue to handle seamless asset uploads and progress tracking.

Implemented several Django unit tests to auto test builds with Jenkins CI. Implemented ansible script for auto deployment and testing the complete deployment using Jenkins CI. This application was implemented using Django/tastypie in a RESTful manner, which keeps it simple and allows for re-usability of API calls from other systems.

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