Collaboration and Analytics Platform

Executive Summary

Developed a Collaboration & Analytics platform that allows the company’s employees (users) to interact with their customers on a personal basis. The users can invite customers who may be at risk of leaving business into the co-creation lab where they can be retained through the offering of a personalized experience. The application works as a platform for the vendor and their consumers to meet on a 1:1 basis.

The system allows the admin users to manage their organizational users into different roles on the basis of their work needs. It allows the users to invite customers to the system where they can interact with respective responsible people to express their views. The system users can pre-set customer journey/experience so that it can be reused with future customers. Here the journey is defined by a predetermined questions list. The vendor can also customize the look and feel of the interface to match their company’s style.

The application also implements real-time chat facility between the customer and the user. It manages customers and takes care of journeys by resuming at the right point. The system implements several reports that allows the select set of users a better view of all customer data in a graphical format.

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