Content Management Application

Executive Summary

This application is a cloud-based application that enables the user to manage information across contexts and provides work-space to store all the information which is accessible both in online and offline mode. This can include important office or personal documents that are used in day to day life. It also enables online collaboration and sharing of information between users in a secure, reliable and scalable manner.

The application consists of a web application and a toolbar that facilitates easy access and management of all your information including web searches, bookmarks, files, notes, and more.  It consists of the following features:

1. Stream/Project Management: This allows the user to create a project which can be thought of as an alias for a desktop folder wherein he can manage all his documents. He can add or bookmark important URLs under this stream, create new documents, upload files to this stream.

2. Links and Attachment Management: This deals with the file upload functionality of the application. A user can upload multiple files in various formats to the streams/projects he has. The files get uploaded to the current project that has been selected. The application also facilitates adding references to links or URLs to a stream.

3. Tabs Management: This feature helps in better organizing all the contents of a stream/project. Tabs automatically organize information into various sub-folder kind of structures.You can also create custom tabs and move the contents of one tab to another.

4. Notes Management: This module enables a user user to add important information to the project context. This is in the form of notes. A note can contain text, images, tables and has drag and drop and clipper functionality. The URL references automatically get added to the end of a note when some information has been added from a URL.

5. Contacts Management: This allows the user to add other application users as contacts and he can share information with them. The application allows sharing of streams and all its content with other users. It also has a chat module where the user can connect with his contacts and can also collaborate over emails.

6. Notification Management: This keeps the user up to date with all the recent activities that have been going on in his projects/streams. The web application provides real time notifications to the user for the activities in his inbox.

7. Form Builder: This feature of the browser application helps create highly customizable forms with drag and drop feature wherein you can drag a form element and drop it into the container. The form is available to users after publishing.

8. Online/Offline Workspace Management: This provides ability to work in both online and offline mode, and enables the user to use the product  like he his Personal computer. Instead of creating folders and sub-folders on his desktop, he can create stream and arrange information across tabs. The user can make some changes in offline mode and the application asks him to sync the changes when in online mode.

The application has a toolbar which provides you with all the key features and can be added as a plug-in and users can view their inbox, download items, post comments, view and comment on notes and much more through the browser application using any browser including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera.

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