Coupon Management and Redemption Application

Executive Summary

This application provides the functionality for coupon redemption to the merchants. This is a multi-screen application with two levels of user accesses (Merchant and Admin). Along with redemption of coupon it also includes features for maintaining transaction reports and audit report for successful login attempts and keeps merchant settings saved changed only by the Admin. This app also includes the automatic logout after an inactivity period of 5 minutes and consecutive five times unauthorized login attempts.


This is the foremost screen that allows authenticated user to enter into the app. Initial pin for normal user and admin are 1234 and 4321 respectively which could be updated later.

Top Level Menu: This section lists out options for navigating to major functionalities of the app like redeeming coupon, maintaining reports and user settings and logging out.

Reports Menu: This section provides the reporting for all attempts of redeeming of coupons. It also keeps track of all the successful login attempts into the app.

Settings Menu: This section provides the feature to store settings of all type of users and functionality to update  user settings.

Coupon Redemption:

This section provides functionality to scan coupon and show the success of its validity with the webservice.

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