HTML5 multi-player board game prototype

Executive Summary

Designed and implemented an HTML5 browser based multi-player board game. The game shows a race track and allows for the player to pick his car. The player can then roll the dice and the number then reflects the number of places the car can move to.

The challenge was to first get the dice to roll on the screen to simulate an actual dice roll. The next step was to implement the movement of the car object along a curvy race track. The car movement had to be similar to a car driving down the track without any breaks and we used SVG to implement this. Had to synchronize the player movements and implemented a periodic state save feature for the players to continue playing after reloading their browser or logging in at a later date. We used node.js for the server and implemented HTML5 sockets to communicate between the different players.

We used the CodeIgniter Framework with Mysql for the development of the application. HTML5, jQuery/javascript was heavily used for the UI.

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