Online "Punch List" for commercial construction projects

Executive Summary

This is an online “punch list” for commercial construction projects. It is developed for both desktop & mobile browsers. It has 4-types of users: Super Admin(SA), Admin, Project Manager(PM) and Sub Contractor(SUB).

SA can create/update/delete projects, company, contacts and task templates in task library. Each contact belongs to a company. This company behaves as customer to a project. While creating project SA has to add project info, customer info(company info) and credit card details for that project as well. SA can de-activate/active any project too.

Admin is related to a project. A project has only 1 admin. But one user can be an admin for multiple projects. Also a user is added to a project to only one role i.e. same user can’t be assigned to a project in 2 different roles. Admin can login to his account using email as username and project name as password. After login, admin can set up project as SA.

Like admin, PM can login to the application using email id as username and project name as password. PM can add/delete SUBs to the project. PM can add/edit/delete task, add note/file, change task status and add Company/Contact/Task Template.

SUB can see the tasks that has been assigned to him/her, view task log for details, add note/file, and change task status to ‘DONE’.

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