Personal Health Record (PHR)

Executive Summary

The PHR is a computerized application that stores an individual’s personal health information. PHR gives an individual the ability to view, edit, update, store and communicate his/her personal health information. The PHR contains data about the allergies, medications, illness including hospitalizations, surgeries/procedures, vaccinations, laboratory test results, family history and social history for an individual. This application is designed with an objective of giving the patient full control to his/her personal health information

Various Features:

1.Login for a patient to view, edit, update, store and communicate his/her personal health information

2.Login for a health care provider to view, verify, update and communicate a patient’s personal health information who has been given access rights the health information by the patient.

3.Communication between a patient and a provider through messages and emails.

4.Continuity of Care Record (CCR) which is collection of all the latest and pertinent health and personal information for a patient in an industry specified XML format

5.Store and carry the CCR in a Smart Card and read the CCR from a smart card and update the database with the information selected by the patient.

6.Ability to show the current data for a patient and ability to add non-relevant and old data to historical records. The current and historical data is differentiated with different colors on the page displaying the information

7.Ability to give access to providers to various section of the PHR by the patient and hide any section or information which the patient doesn’t want a provider to see

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