Shipment Tracking System

Executive Summary

Requirement was to develop a tool to track Shipments and biddings on respective shipments. For managing the process flow efficiently, the application has three types of users Administrator, Shipper and Carrier.

Administrator is responsible for managing company. Also he/she has right to approve/deny user to use tools. He/She can set up various fees to carriers and shippers also the last but not the least He/ She is liable for generating Invoices, in order to complete the entire process of shipment.

Shipper is responsible for creating/managing shipment. This tools also includes lane uploading feature, in which a user can upload multiple lanes in .CSV file format to database. He/She is also responsible for placing and accepting bids.

Carrier is responsible for bidding on shipments and lanes. Once his/her bid is accepted he/she is eligible to move shipments from origin to destination.

Besides, it also has some smart functionalities like sending mails on demand, on the fly PDF generation and sending to the respective shipper/carrier.


Transportation and Logistics


Visual C#, .Net 3.5 framework, Crystal Reports 11, JavaScript, SQL Server 2005, AJAX